Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Favourite iPad Apps..

  In January I treated myself to a brand new iPad Mini 2 and I haven't put it down since I got it, I'm addicted. It's funny because whenever I go on it then go on my iPhone, it feels so weird because the iPhone seems so tiny now. I'm not usually a massive technology gadget geek but I love this iPad.

 I'm constantly browsing the App store for a new game, new app and new books to try, and hopefully fall in love with. I love finding new games and apps that are fun and I enjoy, endless amounts of fun to be had. These are a few of my current favourites on my iPad right now:

Bloglovin - free

 I love reading blogs, I could do it all day. I always use the Popular option to find new blogs to follow and it's such a handy app to have on my iPad, I reccommend it for any blog lover with a tablet.

Padgram - free

 When I first got my iPad I downloaded Instagram but it looked so funny on an iPad as it was designed for an iPhone, so I had a Google and people were recommending this app to use instead and it's great. I love the way you can see so many more posts across the screen, Instagrammin' to the max.

Tumblr - free

 I love Tumblr so when I saw I could get it on my iPad I got far too excited. Tumblr is my favourite source of inspiration, as well as Instagram, and I use it everyday.

Soundcloud - free

My boyfriend got me into Soundcloud whilst we were at university visiting the library together to do our work (watch films, eat snacks, complain about how much left we have to do but don't do it till the last minute) and I love it, It's such a great way to find new music and artists to fall in love with, and super easy to make a playlist and press play and enjoy and get on with life. I usually play it off my phone and iPad and then set it up on our wireless speakers, so I can blast it out and tidy or just chill to some good songs.

YouTube- free

 I could spend all day watching my favourite YouTubers. I mainly use this iPad to steam to my tv when i'm in the flat, or when i'm chilling in bed will just start watching the Shaytards, or CTFxC, or Zoella, and so on.

Simcity Build it - free

 This is my current go-to game and I'm beyond addicted to it right now. I'm stupidly proud of my town and can't build anything more right now because I need to expand all my space but it's too fun. I tend to never spend money on games, like the in-app spending, so games tend to be slow and progressive, but I always get far too tempted to just buy a package and get on with the game further. This game is amazing, if you haven't got it yet, get it.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood - free

 Yes.. I know.. I can't help it! I love this game! It's far too addicting! I went off of it for a while, when we first moved into our flat we couldn't get Wifi installed for bloody ages, so me and the boyf would just eat or just get a drink at the local Spoons to use their Wifi, and whenever I went onto this game, I was losing millions of fans and it was just looking tragic, so I went off it. But recently out of nowhere  I've started becoming obsessed with it again! I've just got married on it, so congratulations to me.

 I've also started loving Etsy and Polyvore, and use all the standards like Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and so on.

 This iPad was definitely a splurge as I didn't need it, but i'm so glad I got one, it's never not by my side, I love it. Have you got an iPad? What are your favourite apps?

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Happy Notes Jar

 For Christmas I recieved this jar and it was full with yummy Flying Saucer sweets. The sweets didn't last long.. at all.. and when they were finished I went to throw it away but my boyfriend said no. He said I should wash it out and write notes to put in there, which is actually a really good idea, so this is what the jar currently looks like now.

 We keep it in the living room on this side coffee table next to the sofa, and write in it whenever. We said everyday but that's effort, so I write in it whenever I get an evening to myself, and he usually writes a bulk amount whenever he can be bothered, but it's a nice idea. We'll probably open it and read them early 2016 I imagine. Whenever I open it to put a new note in, the smell of flying saucers still hits you and it's amazing, I love flying saucers, and also it's incredibly hard not to sneak peak and read one or two, but I haven't and wont, because I'll hate myself for it after, so I shall behave and wait till 2016.

 I've seen so many posts on the internet about how people have made one of these jars, and I'm so glad we did! It's nice to write happy stuff and nice moments and memories on it I would usually forget so that will be fun remembering it again when we can read them all. What do you think, do you have a notes jar? Would you ever start one? Or do you do something similar to keep memories to remember in a years or so on's time?

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Style Inspo// Personal Style

 I love tumblr and I use it to gain inspiration for my personal style. I don't like Pinterest, I tried it once, didn't like it and haven't gone back to it, I'm sure if i tried again I wouldn't mind it.. but I've been using tumblr for 4 years now and it suits me fine. Instagram, that's a given YES, on it all day long on my phone, Lookbook is also great, but again, I'm in love with the tumblr. I follow some great accounts or more than often I will rely on the search tool, type in a key word, and let the inspiration juices flow. I wish they would magically invent a button that says 'buy now' and you can buy the clothing or items you see on tumblr, because that would make life a lot easier and fashionable for me.

 If the image features a Celine handbag or a gold Marc Jacobs/Michael Kors watch, I'm all over that. I also follow a lot of Kylie Jenner (my queen) style accounts as she's also a massive influence on my style.. well not so much I walk round in black caged high heels with teal dip-dye, just the colours (or lack of) she wears and how she makes everything so, effortless and simple but so stylish and fabulous, I love her.

 My style is quite simple. I like layers, neutral colours and the effortless style look. I like outfits to have one key statement rather than a whole shebang, for example, A nice flannel shirt with plain tee and jeans and trainers, or a statement necklace with a plain black dress and boots. I don't like to overdo it as that's just not me, I am a laid-back girl (with a tight bank account). By all means, if I had the dough, I'm sure my dress sense would get a lot fancier.

Do you use tumblr or Pinterest for style inspiration? Is there anything else out there you use? You a plain, effortless chick like me?

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Ombré.. Do I Don't I?


 I am 22 years old and I have never ever evener dyed my hair. I consider and think about it every single year, but every time I get close to making a decision I chicken out or people are like "Don't you'll ruin your hair," "Don't you'll regret it," etc. etc. But thiiiiis year, I am determined to take the plunge and dye my hair. Exciting stuff.

 Now, If I could go to the hairdressers right now with a load of money (the dream) I would be like, Make me Kylie Jenner, Now. Please. and then hopefully I would walk out the salon looking fierce in my teal locks. But that's not going to happen now really is it. So let's be reasonable and serious about this Laura yeaah..


 I've always had long thick and naturally curly hair, in over words, a massive long frizz ball on my head. When I apply serum, the bottle says like, 2-3 pumps, but that covers an 1/8 of my hair, so I have to pump about 13-17 times.. #Frizzprobs. I cut my hair once, can't remember how old I was but I had a pet hamster, that's all I remember, so that's helpful to you, not.. but I honestly all I remember about this hair phase was the fact I had a fat and lazy hamster.. but anyway, I regretted it immediately. As soon as she finished cutting my hair and I looked in the mirror I was like "What the hell do I look like" and spent hours in my room on my bean bag crying.. then I was like, never again. So since then, however old I was, want to say like 11-12, don't know.. I've had stupidly long hair.

 I don't know how or why, but when I first got to University and during my first and second years, my hair grew at an outstanding rate on my head. I literally would go to my hairdressers for a 4-5 inch trim, and it would grow back within a week. My hair is always fast growing, but for some reason, at Uni when I had no funding to get the often haircut, it decided it would grow every single day. I felt like Rapunzel. My hairs slowing down now, but it still really needs a good trim.

 ANYWAY, back to hair dye. I've always wanted the dip-dye ombré that everyone and their mothers either have right now or have done.. But I really like it still and have always umm'd and ahh'd over doing it. I think next payday, I'm gunna do it..


 Lately though I've just been seeing and hearing about bad ombre's happening (apologies to friends involved) that I'm also apprehensive and scared! What if it turns out horrible and I cry.. And do I dye my whole hair to a nice darker brown and then ombre, or do I just ombre from my natural hair colour?! Do I go full on blonde tips, or just a lighter colour of brown?! Decisions decisions.

What do you think, is ombre done and dusted now? Is there a new hair trend out there I should consider instead, or do you still love the dip dye?

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

February Wishlist..

New Look Camel Sleeveless coat (here)// GHD Rose Gold Styler set (here)// Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques Arched Powder brush (here)// New Look Boyfriend Ripped jeans (here)// ASOS Sleeping Beauty Jumper (here)// White Converse All Star trainers (here)

I am skint beyond belief, so this post was so hard to create because I just want them all NOW! So hard to resist buying them at this very moment. But these are the main few items I cannot get off my mind at this present time, I'm sure by next week there will be another 8 or 14 added to the list, I have a problem..

First up is this sleeveless coat from New Look, I am obsessed with this sleeveless outwear look coming up, sleeveless trenchcoats, sleeveless blazers, all sorts, it's too chic to handle, thank you Victoria Beckham. I want the look, so I have chosen this beaut to soon be worn by myself, hopefully very soon.

I have some straighteners which were about £10-£20 from Boots, they do the job but not amazingly. I have stupidly thick and long hair and I've finally grasped the concept of straightening my own hair, been relying on my friends for far too long, so I want to up my game and invest in some GHDs. Like now. And I see these ones everywhere at the moment and they really do look fabulous, so I want.

Bold Metals, no shock this is in my wishlist. I have the Oval Eyeshadow, because it was the only brush left in my local Boots, but this one is next on my list. 

Ripped jeans are a must this SS15, they're so fab. I love the boyfriend baggy style as well, so I think these jeans will be perfect for me right now.

The love I have for this jumper right now is real, so real. I need this Sleeping Beauty jumper like we need water to survive, okay extremely dramatic and over the top but I just want to communicate how much I feel I need this jumper in my life. How amazing is it. HOW. I think if I were to own it I'd never take it off. EVER.

And finally, all my converse I own are broken. It must be the way I walk or how much I live in them or something but they're aaaaalll destroyed, so I need to one by one start replacing them so I can wear Converse again in my life. These I believe were my first pair, so I shall start here again.

Welllllll there it is, what I want to buy literally right now. Forget bills, I need that Aurora jumper. Hope you liked the post and thank you for reading. Have an amazing weekend!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Missguided Purchases..

Not a massive haul but I bought these two items from Missguided and thought they were too nice not to share. First up is this Navy Checked Dungaree Play suit (here) which I thought I wouldn't like but I tried it on and loved it. The only problem is I have a long body and tall so play suits and dungarees which don't look ridiculous on me are so hard to find, this is great but it's a bit short and rides up at the back a bit, but oh well.

Secondly is this Jersey Oversized Trapeze Dress (here) which for once from Missguided FITS ON ME HOW IT'S MEANT TOO! I was sceptical at first as the sizes available are S/M or M/S and being so tall and lanky with dresses from Missguided, always ends up with me returning them because they don't cover my knickers when I bend over or lift up my arms.. ever.. but this does! It fits how it's meant to on me! So haaaapppyyy! I can bend over, wave my arms above my head, and my pants aren't on show, it's a miracle! I love it so much! I feel like a little cute rag doll in it.

And those are the only things I bought (and kept) from this Missguided order. I tend to put millions in my basket but money is tight this month so I behaved and only bought a few, good girl to me.

Have you bought anything recently from Missguided?

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January Favourites..

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, MAC lipstick in Creme D'Nude, Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion, Paco Rabanne Lady Million, Benefit Cosmetics Hoola

So the first month of 2015 has gone, soon before we know it, it will be September or something silly, swear each year that goes by goes so quickly! Anyway, here's some of the things I can think of that I have been loving this month.

 My lips absolutely suffer in the cold months, it's ridiculous how bad they get. Anyway I woke up one day and I was like, I NEED TO EXFOLIATE MY LIPS and I used to swear by this Lush lip scrub back in my college days, so I picked up one and the difference it's made is so good. My lips feel a lot better, they're still dry and not all perfect, but they're a lot better, I don't feel like I want to rip all my lips apart anymore, which you know, is great. Because my lips have been in a not so great condition, I haven't been wearing lipstick, but since they got a bit better half way through the month, I've been picking up Creme D'Nude all of a sudden, which is a classic in my eyes.

 At Christmas I picked up the Soap and Glory box which everyone was banging on about which was on like half price or something, and I've been absolutely loving it. My favourites out the box have been the little pack of face wipes because they're perfect to put in my bag to do my makeup every morning on the train, and this Butter Yourself moisture lotion. I've actually been using this loads, which is surprising as I usually move onto a different goo or get lazy and don't at all.

This month I bought my first Hoola, which is a bronzing boxed powder from Benefit. I've owned boxed powders before, but never this one, and now I have it I wonder why the hell I didn't buy it bloody sooner. It goes on like a dream and works wonders, I love it. I'm eyeing up my next boxed powder from Benefit right now, the Rockateur one, looks lush.

Finally my favourite pictured is Lady Million. For my boyfriends birthday a few months ago, I bought him the men's Million version, as I knew he loved it and had run out, the smell is divine. Then for Christmas he surprised me with my own one (how sweet is that) and I actually love it. It's my new special scent for special occasions or when we have our date nights, and it just smells so bloody amazing. He did well at Christmas, very well my boy.

And those are my beauty favourites for this month, it's not much but I can't really remember loving anything particularly during January apart from Celebrity Big Brother and ordering dominos..

Hope you enjoyed my post, what have been your favourites this month?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Primark and Boots Haul..

Because I work during the week, and commuting to and from London, I have zero time to do anything apart from get home, have dinner, wash and then sleep, I now live for the weekends. This Sunday I went to town and even though it's after payday, I have zero money (thank you iPad I bought last month and Amsterdam trip next month), so I went to three shops and then was like, 'No Laura, you need to go home now before you spend absolutely all your money in one go', So the three shops I went to were Primark, Boots and then the Pound shop. No I'm not showing what I bought from the Pound shop, unless you're into Mr Muscle Bath cleaner, furniture polish and cloths (?!), but I do love a good pound shop trip, guilty pleasure!

In Primark I bought two underwear sets, didn't seem appropriate to show but mark my words they're really cute and pretty. I also bought this large wash bag and a small, pencil case type one. I am off to Amsterdam next month with the boyfriend so I bought this to use for it. I am a sucker for anything nautical or with an anchor on it, don't know why, always been obsessed with anchors, have a large one tattooed on my ankle, anyway, how sweet is this bag. They had like a whole set, but I refrained and just got this one. I was torn between a really sweet looking Minnie Mouse one, and this, but this won purely on the size and the material, as the Minnie Mouse one felt really quite cheap. And I got this little cute sparkly pink one to use as a pencil case for work, as I constantly lose my pens and USB sticks around my pit of a bag, so this will hopefully contain them all for quick finding in time of need purposes.

Then into Boots.. Firstly, I went to find the new Bold Collections in my local store and there were two brushes left, the oval eyeshadow brush and the tapered blush brush. Don't know whether this was a blessing in disguise as I would've bought more if they were there, but how mad is that?! They're gone already! When I was buying them the woman said it's bizzare how popular these brushes are, so I'm excited to finally (whenever I have money) to try more out, but for now, this one will do! I also saw my No7 voucher was going to run out so I had a browse over at the No7 counter, haven't been there for yonks, and found this. London and commuting and lack of sleep has ruined my skin, so I wanted a little skin pick me up to use everyday or so, just so I don't look so dead and bland all the time.. read the box.. sounded good, so bought it. Hopefully it works!

I also have been on the hunt for a face mask to again, revive my skin, and I've been loving Soap and Glory lately so I looked at them picked up their 'No Clogs Allowed' face mask, which again, sounded good on the box. I will force myself to use this, a while ago I treated myself to a Liz Earle face wash, the one with the cloth everyone loves, and I haven't used it yet... I KNOW, I will soon.. I just have been so lazy lately, I really need to kick myself up the backside and start looking after my skin again, stop with the face wipes every single day as my only way of getting off my makeup (and in the shower obviously)..

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading my post. I will probably try and post a review on the products at some point, if they're good or not! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!