Monday, 23 September 2013

girl crush: kylie jenner

I am obsessed with Kylie Jenner. Not only is she stunning but her style is fabulous. I spent my tax rebate on ASOS and Missguided on items that I thought Kylie Jenner would wear and pray they would suit me as well. I want to look like her so bad, she's amazing.

I wish I could swap lives with her. I mean who wouldn't wanna be her?! She wears over $20,000 of Cartier on her wrist everyday as casual wear.. comon I need this one day!

 Alot of people have been criticising her lately saying how much she's changed due to her new friendship groups and she's become a bitch, but so what. she's a hot bitch! Kendall is the sweet one and you need a mix up, we can't all be sweet! It's a shame sometimes to think she's really like that but i'm sure she has some family values and kindness to her deep down, maybe it's all a show and front to her new 'thug' persona.

 Even for my latest interview, they asked me my style and what I think before I buy something, and I admittedly told her that i'm obsessed with Kylie Jenner and I think 'Would Kylie J wear this?' before buying something. I also love all the Kardashian's style.. well not Kris or Kourtney post-Penelope, she's gone a bit too hippy-boho for me sometimes, and one day I WILL be in that family. Bruce and Kris will let me live with them and I will be a Kardashian-Jenner.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Makeup Wishlist: Chanel, YSL and Urban Decay

I love makeup so much. I may not be the best at applying it but never the less I still love buying and using makeup. My favourite all time brands are MAC, Chanel, Dior and Benefit, and I love Sigma brushes. I've collected a rather hefty collection but I shall never stop wanting more makeup.. Here are a three of my current wants:

-Vitalumiére Aqua - Chanel.
I LOVED Pro Lumiére so much and still so gutted they discontinued it. I also used the Matt Lumiére but nothing beat Pro Lumiére. I haven't ventured to Chanel since as I was hesitant to fall in love with another foundation and them discontinue again but I really want to try the Vitalumiére so badly.

- YSL Babydoll Mascara

NOT just because Cara Delevigne is in the advert but I really want this mascara. I used to have the YSL Shocking and I wasn't a huge fan of it as I wasn't keen on the brush but it was a gift so obviously I still used it until it ran out and really fancy this mascara. As soon as I get paid i'm getting my mitts on this.

- Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and the All Nighter Spray

 I really wanted the first Naked palette but over £30 is a lot of money for a makeup palette, however I've been eyeing up the 2nd one for a while now and really want it. I see it more as an investment! Because then I wont have to buy similar shades in MAC to fill up my palette, which are now £10 each, so three eyeshadows would be £30, and with this I'm getting way more for that price. So this is what I'll be thinking to myself as I blow £30 on makeup...

I have a feeling that as soon as I get paid next Friday, John Lewis is going to be getting a visit... Although I don't think there is a Urban Decay concession in Southampton unfortunately... Online order it is then! OH OH OH also heard that MAC is coming to Southampton actually, so goodbye all my money... But hey! At least my makeup SHOULD look decent now!

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

I love Youtube...

Everyday I sit down and watch my favourite YouTubers.. EVERYDAY. I love YouTube so much and it's SO SAD but these people are amazing and i'm addicted to them..

 I wish i had the bravery and confidence to post YouTube videos, but no one would watch them.. But my daily life vlogs would be hilar as I do some pretty funny things. And by the looks of it YouTube opens up some pretty amazing doors and oppurtunities for people! I don't know.. maybe if my blog starts rolling then we'll see! YouTube could be the next dream!

I have a massive list of people I love to watch and they are:

- ShayCarl and the Shaytards - this family is the best. I literally feel like I know them inside out after watching them everyday for 4 years.. I love them so much and I don't care how sad that sounds, but they've been part of my everyday life for 4 YEARS how mad is that.

- PewDiePie and Marzia - I've always loved Felix, I find him hilarious, but I've only just recently found Marzia and no idea why I haven't seen her sooner, she's amazing, and gorgeous and funny. These two also have a relationship that I want with someone, they seem so fun and cute and silly with each other. SO JEL.

- Shane Dawson - he's fucking hilarious. Sometimes I find him a bit silly but mostly he has me in histerics. And his mother is fucking adorable as well. I don't like his spoof videos however, I don't find them funny at all, but I still love him.

- Zoella - I love Zoe and I literally had a dream the other night I met her and she was so friendly and humble, so i'd love to in real life. She seems so down to earth, funny and has a cute brother (Joe) so I love watching her videos and reading her blog. Her style is amazing and she's gorgeous!

CTFxC - Charles and Alli Trippy are two amazing human beings and I love watching them everyday. Just recently Charles had another brain surgery to remove the tumour but HE VLOGGED DURING it, He filmed whilst someone was performing brain surgery on him... that's amazing. They're both so funny and I hope he gets better soon!

[I feel I need to stop saying amazing at this point and find a new adjective to describe these people..]

Tyler Oakley - he is the sweetest thing ever, he's hilarious as well. I love his laugh and he seems like such a nice person to know.


Dolly Bow Bow - her names Katie and she's so sweet and so fun to watch. Again she's stunning with amazing style and owns her own jewellery/accessories online shop which also sells clothes now which is amazing. I bought a ring from there a few years ago and still love it.

OMG I could go on all day, I'm stopping now. Basically I love watching these people and many more on YouTube, and have done for ages now. I feel so sad but zero fucks given. If you watch any of these people too i'm sure you know the love. And if you haven't I reccomend watching them now, as you'll fall in love too..

Until the next blog post dolls!

Laura XO

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

when you wish upon a star...

today I woke up and really felt like blogging, which is amazing considering i really want to get back into it after my everyday blogging for a month my work experience. mainly i think it's because i had a dream last night that i met one of my favourite bloggers Zoella and her friend and another blogger Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and they gave me blog ideas in my dream, and luckily I remember 3 of them... shame but, ya know, can't control everything.

anyway, let the blogpost, begin..

SOURCE: tumblr
For my 21st birthday (which is 65 days away, buzz) I asked for one thing off of my parents, and that was to carry out my childhood dream of going to Disneyland. for years now, I've had to listen to people tell me how many times they've been or what is was like when they went, and you know what, it's my turn! i am obsessed with Disney, it's probably not healthy how much i am for a 20 year old, but i don't give a toss, Disney is my life. It's a struggle saying my all time Disney film because i love so many of them!

So one day, well it was a crappy day, I receive an email from my dad which i struggled to open. You know what parents are like with technology... I text my mum trying to explain how to make PDF files but then luckily I opened it, to find this...

 Sorry about the shoddy print screening but the main fact of the email is I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS FIRST CLASSSSS!!

I burst into tears after reading this, again, probably not normal the amount I was crying, but who gives a toss. I rang my mum and couldn't even speak clearly the amount I was crying, so much so it nearly made her cry.

 I'm so grateful for this because this is something I've wanted to do ever since I was a child. If you've been to Disneyland either once or multiple times, count yourself ever so lucky, because there's probably more kids out there who dream of going but haven't been so lucky to have a chance. But now i finally get my chance!

 I spent my childhood not only watching the films but this Sing-A-Long video of the Disneyland in America, and they have all the characters singing and dancing around the park, I bloody loved that video. I managed to find it on you tube (whoever put it up on there you're an absolute fricking legend) and told my mum I'm going to sing all the songs as we walk round the park. I'm also walking round with a massive '21' balloon, '21 today' sash, '21' badge and a tiara.. you know, just so people know it's my birthday and I want to be a princess for that weekend. OH OH OH I also want some of them Minnie Mouse ears, I can wear them on the second day (Got it all planned.)

I actually cannot flipping wait for my 21st, I will probably spend the entire weekend crying in happiness. I also cannot wait for the gift shops MWAHAHA they are the best and worst creation ever, great for all the stuff they sell, worst because of the prices and how much you cannot resist buying them no matter how hard you try. The phrase 'it's a souviner' and 'it's a memory' will forever work when justifying gift shop purchases.

Anyway, this is enough of this post, I shall get down to planning my future posts and pray this urge to blog never fades!

Till next time, toodles!

Laura XO