Friday, 3 July 2015

June Favourites

 Yes the year is going too fast, let's begin. First things first, this candle from Primark smells amazing. I've put it by my bed so I can just smell it, It's a watermelon scent and the colour of the candle is amazing and vibrant as well, and it was like £1.50! Bargain.

 My lips are a nightmare and I always suffer from dry and chapped lips, that was until I randomly picked this up in Boots. It's the Nivea Essential Care lip balm and it's a god send. My lips haven't felt this uncracked in ages and I can actually wear lipsticks now without it looking all weird and a little bit nasty!

 The other blue product in this photo is another random purchase of mine and this is the Rimmel Match Perfection Powder. I swapped my Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural out of my everyday face and this bad boy is here instead. It's so nice and applies really nicely onto my skin as I use it to set my makeup. It lasts pretty long and doesn't make me look cakey and uneven, like Mac tends to do.

 I love Juicy Couture perfumes, I have millions, I love love love them. I always wear a scent at a time then swap it around, so at the moment I am rocking the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir. For my birthday just gone I asked my parents for the Viva La Juicy Gold perfume as it was pretty new and I hadn't bought it yet, and instead I received another bottle of Noir (mum got confused bless her) so I literally have about 3 or 4 bottles of this stuff back stocked in my drawer, I love it. (Did eventually receive Gold perfume, merci parents).

 I've been giving my used and empty products back to Mac now for years, I love the idea and scheme of it, and plus, free lipstick?! Hell yeah! Although I have read that apparently in America you either get a lipstick or eyeshadow?! Would love the choice as I do have rather a lot of Mac lipsticks now. Anyway, my latest one I chose at the counter is Chatterbox which is an Amplified lipstick. It's a gorgeous pink shade and actually suits me nicely!

 I bought a massive Soap and Glory gift box at Christmas time when it was on offer because everyone was talking about how good it was and I've been making my way slowly through it since. I have had this product sat in my bathroom since, unused until I watched people's monthly favourites videos last month and thought I would actually pick it up and use it. Soap and Glory's Sugar Scrub is bloody amazing.. Why haven't I used it sooner. It smells amazing and really makes my skin feel refreshed, smooth and it's just uuuuhh bloody amazing. I will definitely be rebuying this one when it's empty.

 Finally, I hate hate hate painting my nails. I'm rubbish at it, I'm inpatient waiting for them to dry and aaaaalways no matter how careful I am, smudge them and get nail polish everywhere. Always. But I've been wearing this Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Black a lot recently. I love a good black nail (I am Kylie Jenner after all) and this formula is easy(ish) to apply, dries quickly and stays nice for a few days (if I don't pick it off before hand). I really am useless when it comes to nails, I neeeeeed to sort it out.

 And there it is! My monthly favourites! Hope you enjoyed them! Please give us' a comment and follow if you did! Stick around for more from me coming up soon!

 Thanks for reading!

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