Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New Look SS14 Press Day #SSNL14

LOVE these bad boys

cute sweetie treats for 915

Prints and florals GALORE!

I love Kelly's underwear and no disappointment for SS14

LOVE the back of this bikini! probably some weird strap tan marks though! Oh well!

Can I have them in both colours please thank you <3 Chelsea boots

some beautiful pieces, and the white cropped shirt I loved

Can't get enough of some pastel shades
Jewellery is off the wall! ;)

I want this for my room! And the cute underwear!

Nail bar!

I was lucky enough to attend the New Look SS14 Press Day and it was fabulous, New Look really have got some lovely pieces for SS14. I extremely loved the Chelsea boots, in both black in white, I need them both in my life. I also loved the bikinis they have to offer, with intricate strap designs and beautiful tropical prints. Another piece that caught my eye was a white cropped shirt, I want it! I wanted everything in there basically! I also loved the tweet screen in the room, thought that was a nice touch, also the way the carpet for each section matched the theme and key print, nice one New Look! The mannequins were all beautiful styled, and literally cannot wait for the new Kelly Brook lingerie to come out, some really beautiful pieces. Overall I was really impressed and really enjoyed myself!

 Thanks New Look for a lovely day!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

this halloween..

I know it's late but better late than never I guess! But for this Halloween I went as the freaky Jigsaw Puppet thing from Saw. I had so much fun being dressed up as him, way too much fun infact, and it has definitely been my favourite halloween costume in a long time. I watched a few Saw Puppet tutorials online but felt they were all too extreme and black eyeshadow makes me look like a drag queen.. so I just did my normal going out makeup with a tad more darker eyeshadow, then added the Saw details such as the puppet mouth lines, slight red lipstick and the red swirls on the cheeks.

Overall I thought my attempt was a successful and loved my little bow tie ;) I also wore these stocking socks which were black with red bows at the back so I thought that was a nice little touch. Everyone was coming up to me like OMG THE PUPPET FROM SAW! so that was funny. I went out the night before Halloween instead of actual halloween, as I had a fundraisor and actual halloween is also a night full of stress, queues and drunken idiots... not very fun.

I don't have any full length images of me (I know how annoying), however I do have these shameless Instagram selfies! Forgive me!

Hope you enjoyed this post! And hopefully some more posts coming soon, once I get this work load under control! Safe!

Friday, 1 November 2013

university stress...

I'm getting annoyed about how I haven't posted recently but this annoying thing called university is causing me a lot of stress already and it's only November..

There is too much to do and I just want to pull out all my hair and smash my face against the wall repeatedly. Also there is a number of other factors going on in my life that are not helping. I really need to make time for blogging as it's something I enjoy so bear with me until I get my life on track...

On the plus side it's 21 days till Disneyland! Yay! And i'm buying my new fancy dslr camera very soon so my blog will be a lot more photo-tastic and interesting.

Sorry again and bear with me!