Monday, 7 October 2013

what did the postman bring me today...

student loan is in, so what is the first thing i do? order myself the urban decay naked 2 palette, and it FINALLY CAME!

I've been after it for ages, and have been in debate with myself over whether or not to get the first original one of the second one but i went with the second one after reading and watching about 600,000 reviews on it (thank you each and every blogger who has made a review and comparison post/video on the naked palettes, lifesavers!).

since there isn't a house of fraser near my uni house, which is odd as i thought there was a HOF in every single town, I had to get it delivered and if I spent like £20 more I would get free delivery so I had a look around the site and came across their mascara section. I ran out of my YSL shocking which was my high end mascara of that time, I try to refrain from buying and keeping more than one expensive high end mascara at a time since mascara should be refreshed every so often, and if I had a huge collection of them I'd never use them all up and wouldn't have the heart to chuck them! so i had a look, was eyeing up YSL's babydoll mascara, then googled 'What mascara does Kylie Jenner use?'

Yes I'm being serious, I did google that.. I love her okay...

to discover that she always raves about the Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, so I bought it. One step closer to looking like Kylie Jenner! I haven't used it yet so I will have to do a nice little review on it! It also came with a little facial bottle, guessing it's eye-make up remover and a mini crayon khol pencil in noir. I'm not a huge eyeliner pencil fan but i shall definitely try it out I guess! why not!

Sorry about the AWFUL quality, hopefully a new camera is in sights..

the final two items the Postman kindly brought to my door were my 2 FREE Disney DVDs. YES ABSOLUTELY FREE! I never ever have used them Disney Reward vouchers that you get when you buy the DVD, no idea what they did, until one day I entered them in to see what happens and I had enough points to receive 2 free DVDs! SAFE! I chose Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. I love these two films! My Disney collection is looking so good right now, I literally am a child I swear! Mental age of 5!

so that is my haul, I really hate my camera's quality. I've had this camera for about 7 years now so i'm looking into swapping it in for a newer model. it was only £50 when I first bought it and it's shocking haha. I'm really wanting to invest in a DSLR whatever they're called, but I don't know where to begin! need to research some decent camera models and brands!

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it and see you next blogpost!

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