Tuesday, 15 October 2013

in the stone age...

so i have no internet at my uni house for like 2 weeks, and i'm already going nuts, feel like im in the stone age again. i am currently in the uni library checking my facebook, twitter, blogger and also watching the latest keeping up with the kardashians as im going crazy without watching it. I can't believe how busy the library is already and it's the just start of the year. I'm pretty sure they're all freshers as well. It's been twice I haven't been able to get a computer due to it being busy so it's literally scaring me for when deadlines are due... they should have a third year only floor so third years can always get a space.

this morning i went into town and was meant to only buy a new golf visor for the annual cheer and american footballer pub golf social that i attend as i'm a uni cheerleader, but i bought a few other bits....

I went into Boots and bought a new Real Techniques brush, the blush one, as I looooove these brushes, they're amazing, and i'm slowly trying to grow my collection. I also have run out of my MAC mineralize finish natural powder and I don't have any internet to order another one, and don't want to online shop using the public university computer, so i bought the Rimmel Stay Matt powder in transparent as i have heard good things about it and it was only £3.99. I also wanted the Matt black new Barry M nail varnish but it wasn't on offer! I only ever buy Barry M when it's on offer, so i'm keeping my eyes out for an offer to pop up.. I also bought a new Benefit You Rebel Lite, this is like the third time i've repurchased it, I love it and it's perfect for everyday uni wear.

I then went into Primark which is rare as it angers me beyond life, as it's messy, the customers are vultures and the staff hate life. It was fairly early in the morning so it wasn't as busy so I braved it... I found these footsies slippers thing, with BAMBI HEADS ON THEEEEM. They're so flipping adorable! I also bought a new sports bra, joggers and some tights, pretty boreee. I could've bought this bedsheet as well, it's navy blue but with PUGS all over it! It wasn't the nicest but it had pugs on it so I wanted it, but I managed to resist it and walked away, something very rare when i'm shopping!

omg wish i could do this at home in bed, it's so cold and i'm so tired! I have no makeup on as well and i look like a drug abuser without it so i'm literally ducked down incase I see anyone I know...

I also have about 15 books on blogging, social media and new media marketing I need to read whilst i'm catching up on all my programme i've missed due to no internet so I need to multi-task like a motherlover right now.

I'm also working on some next posts so get excited people!

Until next time!

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