Tuesday, 8 October 2013

please Missguided...

I love missguided, i think it's a great website with reasonably to cheap priced clothes and amazing on-trend pieces, I could easily spend AALLL my money on there. but there is one thing i really rreaaaaally hate about them, and it's their length of the dresses...

(picture source: tumblr)
I'm not a prude person, I do like my dresses and skirts to be a little on the short side, but when it's so short you cannot even lift your arm up a tincy bit without revealing your entire backside, that's when I draw the line. So far i've had to return about 5 dresses from missguided on the basis of it being way too short, and I'm genuinely gutted because they're items i loved and wanted to wear, but i really didn't want my knickers out 24/7... And i'm not even THAT tall! I'm 5'7''!!! what is this sorcery!?!

I'm sure if they asked their 5'8'' models to lift up their arms or bend over a little bit whilst photographing their items on them, their entire backside would be exposed too, this isn't just me suffering, i'm guessing (hoping) there are other tall people like myself suffering from missguided's short people or sluts only dresses.

I once tweeted missguided in a rage after I tried on the dress I had been searching for all my life and way too excited to wear it everyday endlessly, that it was way too short and every time i raised my arm my mother could see my polka dot pants.. she laughed and said i couldn't possibly go out in it, even with tights on.. and she was right! I tweeted them asking them why do they make all their dresses for short people or sluts and they replied along the lines of  'sorry if you find our products inappropriate, we offer a wide range of midi and maxi clothing'... MIDI AND MAXI? i personally hate midi length items, and only have a few maxi items, but i don't want midi or maxi, I want your short dresses but not so short they classify as long tops.. I also sent them another tweet recently in my upset of their lengths and they replied saying they'd pass it along to the appropriate department, so I'm hoping a tall range is in discussion!

This post is probably sounding like i hate missguided, but i genuinely don't, i love them! I still buy from them and wear them nearly everyday and whenever i go out on the town. I seriously wish they'd either make a tall range or add a teeeeeeny bit more on the length on their items, as they're missing out on my student loan here. I on line shop like there's no tomorrow! I've even got their website open on another tab right now and so far would've put about 3 dresses in the basket but I know they'll be way too short! they even look like they skim the bottom of the model! so god know what will be on show if i slutdrop in the dress when i go out!

I'm hoping somewhere out there people agree with me so we can really push for them to cater to taller people who like to keep their dignity, otherwise i'm going to have to miss out on their amazing items forever :(

Thanks for reading!

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