Friday, 6 March 2015

Fairy Light Heart Jar..//home decor

 I rent a flat with my boyfriend, which means decorating is limiting. It is furnished as well which means most of the furniture was here to begin with, we own a few pieces, mainly in the bedroom, but like, the sofa and dining table and that, were here. We couldn't afford to buy lots of furniture as we had both just literally finished university when we moved in, but we're getting there. After months of trying to get it in a place where it's mildly organised and homely, I began doing little things to decorate the place.

Like practically every female today, I am obsessed with fairy lights. They just create the cosiest and homely vibe and atmosphere, I love them. I have some hanging up in the living room, balanced on top of the blinds, and some wrapped around the bed frame, and I want more but the boyfriend said no.. But then I also have this jar in the living room on the table. I've always wanted to do a decorative feature with a jar, I remember back in my college days I bought this box of fake rose petals from Ikea with intention's to buy a jar to put them all in nicely, and didn't, they sat in the box for years until I went to university, then I stuck them all over my cork board amongst posters and photographs, as we weren't allowed to stick stuff on the wall (did anyway but yeah..). Then one day I was walking around Primark and I found these cute heart fairy lights, and then bought them. I couldn't find anywhere around the flat I wanted to put them though, so that day we went to Ikea in search of frames to put our degrees in I believe, and then I bought this jar/vase thing to put them in.

 I think it looks so cute, and when the rooms all dark and I'm all chilled I'll pop it on and it just makes it all worm and cosy and thank the lord for fairy lights. I want to do another one of these for the bedroom for the side table I believe, I have to go and buy a new duvet set anyway since my boyfriend decided to upgrade to a king sized duvet, not the bed, it's still a double, just the duvet.. at first I was like erm no.. then he did it, and now I love it, it's like sleeping in a cloud. Anyway, I'm sure when I pick up a duvet set I'll stumble on some fairy lights, jar 'em, and then put them somewhere. Could this be the new fairy light trend? Instead of hanging them on a wall? Jar them? Who knows! I like it!

How many fairy lights do you have hanging up? Do you like this little decoration idea?

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