Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My Camera// Canon EOS 1100D

 This is my camera I use, for personal use and for blogging. I got it for my 21st birthday, and I like it!

 I never took photography at college, and at university I took Fashion Promotion and communication, and we had a photography workshop for a term for first and second year, so I know some basics. Funny story, in my first ever week of university, it was our first photography workshop and we had this freelance professional come in to teach us, well I had obviously gone out the night before (and the night before that, and the night before that and so on, it's freshers week! you had too!) anyway, I hadn't drunk much water and the room was hot and I started to feel dizzy. Next thing I know i'm lying on the floor with my friend (who technically I just had met during freshers week so didn't know her that well) holding both my feet up so my legs are up, and everyone crowding round me. I had fainted. Poor guy, he wasn't a teacher so he was probably panicking, and way to make an impression with your new course mates.. when I woke up and my head stopped hurting badly, I was put on a chair, then wheeled up to the window, then he walked off and carried on with the workshop. So I was just left by the window.. I didn't end up going out that night unfortunately, my flatmate took me to A&E as my head hasn't stopped hurting since I did that in the morning so she worried, so like the second week I had left home for university, I was already ringing up my mum telling her I was in A&E.. that happened way too many times after during my three years there.. Anyway! Back to the camera..

 I've taken this camera to press events, Disneyland Paris twice, Paris centre so up the Eiffel Tower and around the Notre Dame and all that jazz, and things like mine and my boyfriends graduations, and all sorts really, I love this camera, it's great as my first dslr camera, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade from a basic digital camera, which is what I had done. I've also recorded a few videos on it as well which always turn out good.

 I really want to learn more about photography and how to use this camera to it's full potential, so I've been looking out for photography tips posts and tutorial and such. I'm usually rubbish with things like this, I'm not going to pretend I know what i'm doing, so hopefully soon, I will know a bit more!

 What camera do you own? :)

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