Saturday, 28 March 2015

Creamy Highlighters

 I love highlighters and how dewy and lovely they make your face look, especially for night outs or date nights that I usually go on with my boyf. I haven't at all been using highlighters that much for a long time, apart from the odd High Beam mini in them Benefit kits I'd get for Christmas, but recently I have been using them a bit more. I definitely prefer a creamy based highlighter, and these two are my favourites, so I thought I'd post about them!

 First up is Benefit's Watt's Up! which is an amazing highlighter. It's easy to use, not massively easy to blend I find sometimes, but never the less, an amazing product. I usually wear this one everyday, as I just love the look it gives. I will either wear it with Hoola bronzer to contour or the Boujour bronzer, you know, the chocolate one. I prefer Hoola but for an everyday face I will just wear the Boujour one as it doesn't break the bank at all and lasts for ages!

 Secondly is the Topshop Glow which I bought on a whim as I haven't personally really heard about it that much. It's a beautiful colour and it's easy to use like Watt's Up. I'd wear this more for evenings when I'm making an effort, which isn't often at all, but it's nice to doll up!

 I would love to try Mac's Soft and Gentle as I haven't before but have been lusting over it for some time right now. My love for highlighters is growing and hope my collection does so to in time.

What highlighters would you recommend? Which are your favourites?

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