Sunday, 20 July 2014

This week on Instagram.. #1

I want a pug puppy
Mirror selfie at work to show off my Elsa dress

Love this
Selfie on date night with the boyf

The boyf at Casa Brazil

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

oh New Look..

I love New Look. Whenever I go in I make a mental shopping list as long as the runway in Fast Six (if you haven't seen that film, go watch it).

 I bought this amazing leather look PU skort, which was the only thing I planned on buying... whoops.. FinallllyYYYY invested in a scrunchie, there was so many to choose from but I did the sensible thing and went with the more versatile one, this may not be the only one though.. feel an obsession growing. How cute is this floral top, the back of it is beautiful and open, which wont be good with an ugly bra, so underwear choice will have to be planned and not my usual half asleep picking.. How cute is this pastel check scarf?! It feels so soft as well, thought it was a good colour to transition from the rest of Summer (if we can call this a summer) into autumn and maybe even winter. AaaAAaand lastly this simple top with a kimono sleeve shape.

 I had these Chelsea boots on my feet and they looked beautiful but I managed to walk out without them.. It was hard. Couldn't stop thinking about them so I may have to go back in tomorrow.... The only thing was, when I tried them on, they weren't that comfy, which isn't the best of signs isn't it... I'm really fussy when it comes to footwear. It's so bad, if a shoe hurts me the slightest, i'm put off wearing it forever.. I shouldn't as i'll end up buying a thousand pairs of shoes and only wearing them once but i'm too finicky with footwear! I'm a massive fan of comfort over anything.. Pain is beauty?! Well not for me! Trainers and comfy shoes all the way! Anyone else?

 Anyway i'm off.. Got an early start tomorrow. That's another reason why I haven't been much, been doing traumatic night shifts at work (9pm till 7am, what even is that) so been extremely tired and that. But i'll get back on it!! Thanks for reading!

Oh, in previous posts i've told about the struggle of blogging because of my pain in the ass boyfriend, well here is a photo of the struggle.... enjoy!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Stylist Meeting...

 Today at I got to look into the world of styling and preparing for a large scale photo shoot for a high street brand. I work in the head office of the high street brand I'm talking about today and I love it. I've technically been there for a few years now but I was a work experience, now I have a role and being paid! It's such an amazing job and I learn thousands of new things everyday. Anyway let's get to the topic of today..

 I got into the office this morning, put down my stuff, quickly checked my emails then it was straight off to the stylist meeting. This wasn't my first stylist meeting but because the photo shoot was a large one and was being held in New York it was a very important and hectic day. I've met the stylist they use before and she's lovely. She dresses so simple yet sophisticated, not how I imagined a stylist would dress but it totally works, she's so chic. Someone had drawn a diagram of the room and the positions we should all be in, I laughed at the stick figure with spikey hair and 'Laura' underneath it. My role was to make sure all the clothes which were put together in outfits and which shots they were going to be in were communicated into shoot sheets with all the proper codes and information, including styling comments. Now this doesn't sound like much, or even fun, but blimey!

 I hovered around the stylist and the team, which included the creative managers and the heads of buying departments whilst they were selecting the outfits and it was so interesting and exciting to listen and see the process, especially with a freelance stylist involved. I had always thought how fun and amazing it would be to work on a photo shoot or be a stylist, but I never really thought about or knew what goes into it, and it's a lot of work. Although, being hired to stand in a room full of clothes and making outfits sounds like an amazing job, freelance stylist yes please.

 The meeting went on all day and included a lot of running round and stressing, making sure all the numbers and codes of the items were correctly placed on the shoot sheets and packed. Luckily we had two work experience girls in, although they were a tad bit slow...

 I love looking around at all the product so much. I make an imaginary shopping list so when it hits stores god help my bank balance..

 I'm excited to see all the shots from the shoot! I'd love to go to a photo shoot with the company and see what really goes on and that! Think it would be an amazing experience.

 I love the shots and photo shoots that the brand I work for achieve, I love the philosophy of the brand and how they communicate it through the shoots. I've seen all the shoots that'll be in store soon and they're amazing!

 Overall today was hectic but definitely an eye opener! I love how much I learn everyday at head office and not just visual merchandising wise. Fashion is such a vast field and if you don't have a clue of what direction you'd like to go into then god help you as so many sides of fashion seem fun and exciting. I know when I was nearly finishing uni I made a list of what i'd like to do and it was visual merchandising (Obviously) and styling.

 Hope you enjoyed todays post! Getting on top of this blogging thing aren't I! Loves it.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Perfume collection

 I made a promise to myself I'd try to at least blog every other day, sat here watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when the boyf reminds me I haven't blogged. So i grab the camera and snap this, my perfume tray (excuse the Vaseline spray, just bought this but it's amazing!) Now, can you tell what my favourite perfume brand is? If you can't, you need to get to your local Boots now and educate yourself! Yes, Juicy Couture. I am obsessed with their perfumes! They're gorgeous! I have owned every single one (Couture Couture is not pictured as it's at home with my parents) they've released.. UNTIL the two new Malibu and La La Malibu perfumes came out.. currently waiting for either my birthday, Christmas or I have enough points on my Boots card to get them.

 I got this tray from the Range and it's so cute, had it for like 2 or 3 years now, I love their homeware collection!

 Another perfume favourite of mine haaas to be the Paris Hilton perfumes, another one I've owned nearly everyone of (all apart from Tease and Dazzle), but only have Heiress (my all time fav) and Siren here with me in my uni town, well I say uni, I've literally just graduated, but you get the point.

 I have 5 Hollister sprays but they're all nearly empty. Even though they last for ages, I feel so guilty spending that much on body sprays whenever I go in there. I need to wait till their all completely gone before I splurge on them! They are amazing though, at cheer practise I used to spray them all the time and someone would go 'who just sprayed?' i'd be like 'MEEEEEE it's hollister' and love life. They're so good!

 All the cult classics take place on the tray as well, such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, again, owned a few of each of these brands! I also love the CK Shock perfume, so I have a little handbag one and a big one.

 This is actually me cut back on my perfumes on the tray recently after moving house. My boyf complains theres still too much and I only need 2 or 3, but what do men know!? I only have the 2 new Juicy C perfumes on my wish list so I can't see this collection drastically changing for a loooong time!

 Hope you enjoyed this post, fairly random but i'll try and plan a more exciting post! Need to be more organised if I'm going to get serious about my blog!


Monday, 7 July 2014

New things!

I'm not rich I swear, the last few posts have been haul posts, but I just don't spend my money wisely! I should be buying food and saving for rent but missguided need to stop sending me emails!

Playsuit - Missguided
Acid wash skinny jeans - New Look
Black mini backpack - New Look
Acid wash ripped mom jeans - Missguided
Beyoncé crop top - Urban Outfitters
Glen Coco tshirt - Missguided
Shoes - New Look

 Missguided always make the most comfy playsuits and I love lounging round in them, the print on this is mega cute as well. I'm realllly into jeans as well at the moment, going through a definite jeans phase. I got 2 acid wash pairs, I don't know why because i've never been a fan but these just called out to me. I wanted to order these Missguided jeans for aaaages now, i wasn't going to but my boyfriend spent a load of money going out, so whenever he spends, i'm spending, as we're currently trying to save up our money, so it only seems fair... when he spends, I spend..

 I've wanted this backpack as well from New Look for aaaaages since I keep seeing it pop up on Bloggers' sites and instagrams everywhere! It's such a handy little thing and fits all the essentials in whilst still looking fab. 

 Thanks to the boyf moving his foot, the tshirt actually reads 'Just be you.. But more like BeyoncĂ©' incase it isn't perfectly clear. I saw it in the sale in Urbs and I have a massive Bey' obsession so i grabbed it and ran to the tillpoint without looking at anything else (mainly to avoid spending more money....). This Glen Coco tshirt from Missguided is amazingly fun as well, I love silly slogan tshirts, YOU GO GLEN COCO!

 Aaaaand lastly, these beaut' New Look sandals which I've been seeing eeeverywhere. They're so cuuuute!

 And there it is, all my new stuff from last week. I caaaannot spend anymore money so (hopefully) there wont be a haul post anytime soon.... who am I kidding, I bloody love spending money on new clothes and accessories! You can never have too many! I have two wardrobes and a chest of drawers full and only gave my boyf 2 drawers (as we're sharing a room in a shared house with my friends), boys don't need space anyway do they?!

 Thanks for reading! Please make sure you follow :)