Thursday, 24 October 2013

Laura Likes, Tumblr Pictures #3

these are my favourite tumblr pictures of this week, sources found on my tumblr here, enjoy!

Monday, 21 October 2013

I am Sasha Fierce....

if you know me in person, you will know that I like to call myself Beyonce. I am Beyonce. I had someone come up to me once like, 'are you joking, you look nothing like her, you're so stupid'. Correct, I don't think I look like her, I just use her as persona.

A lot of my friends come to me for advice, I feel like I give good advice (but never take it myself) and what I will tell a lot of them is be Beyonce.

I think she's fantastic and when things get me down and upset, I think and go, 'would Beyonce care?'.. Beyonce wouldn't care if a boy didn't text her back, Beyonce would care if a boy was mean, she could have anyone she wanted! If I feel like someone is making me upset, I put on my Beyonce and tell them to do one, and I think more girls need to do this.

Girls stop letting boys and silly things get you down, BE BEYONCE!

Beyonce gives me strength and the ability to get over shit that I shouldn't care about. It sounds fucking stupid but it works. 

The two best songs as well are Irreplacable and Best Thing I Never Had, stick 'em on your playlist whenever life is getting you down. Or if you want something nicer, Crazy In Love is my personal favourite, gets me dancing.

Until next blogpost, keep being Beyoncé girls,

Friday, 18 October 2013

give me a C, give me a H, give me a E, give me another E, give me a R! What does that spell? CHEER!

Yes, as you can tell by the post, I am a cheerleader. When people hear cheerleader, they assume a girly girl who stands there in a uniform with pom poms shouting annoying things, and yes that is a tiny part of the cheerleading I been a part of for years now. I am a competitive cheerleader for my university squad. We compete across the country at level 3 and I absolutely love it. we are the solent Ravens and this year you'll find us at ICC Guildford and Nottingham and FC Bath.

my beautiful squad at nationals
 I started this post a few days ago, before tryouts, just in case I didn't get on and was seriously upset, but yay I did it! I made the competition squad for the third year running and I also am now part of the Hip hop Dance Squad as well and SO BLOODY EXCITED FOR THAT! I was in the Hip hop first year and it was so fun, I definitely prefer the dancing side of performing the most. Although comp cheer will be amazing as my new flyer is TIIIIINY and so light, it's magical.

I am addicted to competitions. The whole atmosphere is amazing and really gets you going. At the last two competition I went to, I had suffered a serious hamstring injury and it got to a point where I couldn't even walk when I came off the mat, but when I was out there performing, I forgot about all the pain, it's just so fun and exhilarating you don't even realise or remember you're in pain. In my first year of competition squad, at the last competition we went too which was Nationals in Nottingham, I was elbowed in the riiiiiight in the face, and it right near the eye, and it was at the very beginning of the routine.. I spent the whole routine with my eyes watering but I didn't stop at one point and I still gave it me all for it, as the adrenaline is literally amazing.

Before I came to uni I was painfully shy and had zero self-confidence. Now thanks to cheerleading I have come so far out my shell the shell has disappeared. I now can never remember why I was that shy or being so shy, but I love how much confidence it has given me. If you're new at uni or going to uni in the future, I totally reccommend a university sport or society, or definitely cheerleading if they have a squad.

I probably will blabber on about cheerleading on this blog, as it's something I love but I thought i'd do this now to warn you all.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

in the stone age...

so i have no internet at my uni house for like 2 weeks, and i'm already going nuts, feel like im in the stone age again. i am currently in the uni library checking my facebook, twitter, blogger and also watching the latest keeping up with the kardashians as im going crazy without watching it. I can't believe how busy the library is already and it's the just start of the year. I'm pretty sure they're all freshers as well. It's been twice I haven't been able to get a computer due to it being busy so it's literally scaring me for when deadlines are due... they should have a third year only floor so third years can always get a space.

this morning i went into town and was meant to only buy a new golf visor for the annual cheer and american footballer pub golf social that i attend as i'm a uni cheerleader, but i bought a few other bits....

I went into Boots and bought a new Real Techniques brush, the blush one, as I looooove these brushes, they're amazing, and i'm slowly trying to grow my collection. I also have run out of my MAC mineralize finish natural powder and I don't have any internet to order another one, and don't want to online shop using the public university computer, so i bought the Rimmel Stay Matt powder in transparent as i have heard good things about it and it was only £3.99. I also wanted the Matt black new Barry M nail varnish but it wasn't on offer! I only ever buy Barry M when it's on offer, so i'm keeping my eyes out for an offer to pop up.. I also bought a new Benefit You Rebel Lite, this is like the third time i've repurchased it, I love it and it's perfect for everyday uni wear.

I then went into Primark which is rare as it angers me beyond life, as it's messy, the customers are vultures and the staff hate life. It was fairly early in the morning so it wasn't as busy so I braved it... I found these footsies slippers thing, with BAMBI HEADS ON THEEEEM. They're so flipping adorable! I also bought a new sports bra, joggers and some tights, pretty boreee. I could've bought this bedsheet as well, it's navy blue but with PUGS all over it! It wasn't the nicest but it had pugs on it so I wanted it, but I managed to resist it and walked away, something very rare when i'm shopping!

omg wish i could do this at home in bed, it's so cold and i'm so tired! I have no makeup on as well and i look like a drug abuser without it so i'm literally ducked down incase I see anyone I know...

I also have about 15 books on blogging, social media and new media marketing I need to read whilst i'm catching up on all my programme i've missed due to no internet so I need to multi-task like a motherlover right now.

I'm also working on some next posts so get excited people!

Until next time!

Monday, 14 October 2013

halloween, spooky stuff!

as you all know Halloween is nearly upon us and I love Halloween. I love dressing up as something scary and I also wear way too much Halloween items before the actual day. I'm excited that the high-street stores are also getting into the spooky-spirit, and here are some items that I have found and liked..

1. Purple all over Ghost socks - Topshop - £3.50
2. MOTO Bat print Leigh jeans - Topshop - £40
3. Black glow Let's Hang Out Halloween Sweater - New Look - £17.99
4. Black jewel embellished kitten ears headband - River Island - £8

Hope you enjoy my picks! Are you looking forward to Halloween as well?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

my current new look picks...

all images from

1. black leather-look double pocket t-shirt dress - £22.99
2. black bad hair day beanie - £6.99
3. navy and green check side split mini skirt - £17.99
4. white trick or treat halloween tank top - £7.99
5. navy gemstone rope necklace - £9.99
6. black leather-look lace up work boots - £29.99

This whole selection is so Kylie Jenner, I love it. I love New Look so much, it's a great fashion brand which is reasonably price and always offering the latest trends so fast and easy. I'm loving the whole monochrome trend and I absolutely love the leather look dress, I need it in my life. The boots are also a passionate need, as I love the buckle over the laces. As halloween is near this Trick or Treat top is amazing and I love the spooky font so much. I shall definitely be visiting my local New Look ASAP for this goodies.

What do you think of my picks?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

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please Missguided...

I love missguided, i think it's a great website with reasonably to cheap priced clothes and amazing on-trend pieces, I could easily spend AALLL my money on there. but there is one thing i really rreaaaaally hate about them, and it's their length of the dresses...

(picture source: tumblr)
I'm not a prude person, I do like my dresses and skirts to be a little on the short side, but when it's so short you cannot even lift your arm up a tincy bit without revealing your entire backside, that's when I draw the line. So far i've had to return about 5 dresses from missguided on the basis of it being way too short, and I'm genuinely gutted because they're items i loved and wanted to wear, but i really didn't want my knickers out 24/7... And i'm not even THAT tall! I'm 5'7''!!! what is this sorcery!?!

I'm sure if they asked their 5'8'' models to lift up their arms or bend over a little bit whilst photographing their items on them, their entire backside would be exposed too, this isn't just me suffering, i'm guessing (hoping) there are other tall people like myself suffering from missguided's short people or sluts only dresses.

I once tweeted missguided in a rage after I tried on the dress I had been searching for all my life and way too excited to wear it everyday endlessly, that it was way too short and every time i raised my arm my mother could see my polka dot pants.. she laughed and said i couldn't possibly go out in it, even with tights on.. and she was right! I tweeted them asking them why do they make all their dresses for short people or sluts and they replied along the lines of  'sorry if you find our products inappropriate, we offer a wide range of midi and maxi clothing'... MIDI AND MAXI? i personally hate midi length items, and only have a few maxi items, but i don't want midi or maxi, I want your short dresses but not so short they classify as long tops.. I also sent them another tweet recently in my upset of their lengths and they replied saying they'd pass it along to the appropriate department, so I'm hoping a tall range is in discussion!

This post is probably sounding like i hate missguided, but i genuinely don't, i love them! I still buy from them and wear them nearly everyday and whenever i go out on the town. I seriously wish they'd either make a tall range or add a teeeeeeny bit more on the length on their items, as they're missing out on my student loan here. I on line shop like there's no tomorrow! I've even got their website open on another tab right now and so far would've put about 3 dresses in the basket but I know they'll be way too short! they even look like they skim the bottom of the model! so god know what will be on show if i slutdrop in the dress when i go out!

I'm hoping somewhere out there people agree with me so we can really push for them to cater to taller people who like to keep their dignity, otherwise i'm going to have to miss out on their amazing items forever :(

Thanks for reading!

I love tumblr...

I am addicted to tumblr. I just love scrolling through it on hours on end, whoever invented tumblr needs a knighthood. Here are 2 screenshots of my page at the minute. I reblog mainly girly, rosy themed photos, with the odd pug and Kylie Jenner every now and again. I wish I could print every single of these photos off and decorate my room with them, as I love them all!

There should also be a 'Buy this!' button on Tumblr as the amount of items on it I see I really would love to buy and wear for myself! tumblr does have the ability to make myself feel like shit though, as the amount of gorgeous skinny anf flawless girls on it is depresssing, but it's just a beautiful outlet of imagination and creativity, and it also inspires me so much. If you want to have a follow click on this link to go to my tumblr!

Have you got a tumblr? And if not, will you think about signing up and getting your own?
Thanks for reading!

Monday, 7 October 2013

what did the postman bring me today...

student loan is in, so what is the first thing i do? order myself the urban decay naked 2 palette, and it FINALLY CAME!

I've been after it for ages, and have been in debate with myself over whether or not to get the first original one of the second one but i went with the second one after reading and watching about 600,000 reviews on it (thank you each and every blogger who has made a review and comparison post/video on the naked palettes, lifesavers!).

since there isn't a house of fraser near my uni house, which is odd as i thought there was a HOF in every single town, I had to get it delivered and if I spent like £20 more I would get free delivery so I had a look around the site and came across their mascara section. I ran out of my YSL shocking which was my high end mascara of that time, I try to refrain from buying and keeping more than one expensive high end mascara at a time since mascara should be refreshed every so often, and if I had a huge collection of them I'd never use them all up and wouldn't have the heart to chuck them! so i had a look, was eyeing up YSL's babydoll mascara, then googled 'What mascara does Kylie Jenner use?'

Yes I'm being serious, I did google that.. I love her okay...

to discover that she always raves about the Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, so I bought it. One step closer to looking like Kylie Jenner! I haven't used it yet so I will have to do a nice little review on it! It also came with a little facial bottle, guessing it's eye-make up remover and a mini crayon khol pencil in noir. I'm not a huge eyeliner pencil fan but i shall definitely try it out I guess! why not!

Sorry about the AWFUL quality, hopefully a new camera is in sights..

the final two items the Postman kindly brought to my door were my 2 FREE Disney DVDs. YES ABSOLUTELY FREE! I never ever have used them Disney Reward vouchers that you get when you buy the DVD, no idea what they did, until one day I entered them in to see what happens and I had enough points to receive 2 free DVDs! SAFE! I chose Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. I love these two films! My Disney collection is looking so good right now, I literally am a child I swear! Mental age of 5!

so that is my haul, I really hate my camera's quality. I've had this camera for about 7 years now so i'm looking into swapping it in for a newer model. it was only £50 when I first bought it and it's shocking haha. I'm really wanting to invest in a DSLR whatever they're called, but I don't know where to begin! need to research some decent camera models and brands!

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it and see you next blogpost!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Always been a trendsetter...

 I came across this photograph of me when I was younger and couldn't stop laughing. WHAT am I wearing? We all must have these photos though where we are like, what was I thinking haha! I believe this is me before a bowling party, and oh my golly gosh, so freaking stylish!

 Rocking a blue bandana, pink jumper and denim flares with what looks like a daisy print detail finished off with some sports trainers, I don't understand why we don't all still dress like this really... I mean comon.. this is so Cara D obviously..

Do you remember or have any memories of any fashion disasters?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


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my new little boots,

I had a £40 Topshop gift voucher given to me from my work experience and had been searching for something to buy with it for months. Finally I found these beauties of boots,

They're incredibly comfortable and look so cute for Autumn. They also keep your feet so warm so they'll also be perfect for winter (that's if I don't ruin them from wearing them every single day!). I wore them to the zoo and felt like Lara Croft running round in boots, thankfully I didn't get them dirty! I am now growing an obsession for Topshop boots, as I bought another pair straight after these ones, and am eyeing up my next pair. My other boots, which are black with buckles down them, aren't as comfy though, so I'm scared to wear them! I need to break them in and make them less blister causing ankle ripping..

Do you like Topshop's boots, and have you bought any lately?

Until next blogpost!

Laura Likes: Tumblr Pictures #2

Trust there to be Kylie Jenner images in my Tumblr picks this week. I literally love her and her style. And as you can tell I love interior images, mainly white shabby chic rooms with fluffy rugs, bunting, vintage frames and vanity tables, I wish my room would look like this! I've also been going through my 'To Ombre or not to Ombre' stage again, I had this last summer and was talked out of it but again, I really want it! But I don't want to ruin my hair and have my natural curls drop, as I love my curly hair. Issues!

Until next blogpost!