Sunday, 22 June 2014

Zara Haul!

Had such a mare. I usually just wonder round the Zara sale and never really pick up stuff like 'omg I must have this'. I'm trying to save up lately as I'm moving out my uni house into the big bad world, so I knew entering Zara would either be safe or a mistake. And it was a mistake. At one point I counted up all the items I wanted and it totalled to well over £150. Luckily I managed to walk out with just these two beauties (self control right there). I got this baggy cropped top with cute pineapple print all over it and this pale blue beautiful maxi dress with crochet back detail. They were both under £20 and I fell in love with them in the changing room so I had to get them. I nearly took away the leather bucket back which was £20 but I loved these two more (plus i'm already lusting over a bag in River Island...)

Have you bought anything from the current Zara sale?

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Missguided Haul

Chieko Daisy Print A-Line skirt - link here
Klaritta Open Back Rainbow Playsuit - link here
Spain World Cup Fan Crop top - link here
Merry Open Shoulder Cami top - link here

I was naughty on Missguided the other day and treated myself to these beauties. This is also the first time I've ordered a bunch of stuff and haven't wanted to return/exchange any of it! Safe! The instant I tried on this playsuit I fell in love, it's amazing and so pretty, I think I might have to wear this to work if weather permits! I'm a massive Spain fan and supporting them this World Cup so I bought this crop top so I can cheer them on with! This skirt is so cute, and I usually struggle with lengths with Missguided as i'm tall and they like to make everything so short usually so when I bend over or even lif my arms my knickers appear, but this fitted nicely and I liked the length! And finally this open shoulder cami, when I first put it on I thought it was a bit too big but the more I wore it I liked the oversized casual look to it so decided to keep it. Isn't it typical, the one time you hoped you wouldn't like things to get money back to carry on saving up you end up loving it all.. Oh well! The saving continues... For now....