Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day in the Life of a Visual Marketing Assistant - Llwxo

 For a few months I've been a Visual Marketing Assistant at a top high street brand head office and I love it! I got the job after I graduated from doing years of work experience here and making a name for myself (definitely recommend work experience 100%). I also work as a store Visual Merchandiser in the high-street brand in question in my local store, which again, I love! I've always been passionate about visual merchandising, read my blog post on it here.

 Anyway, on to the post. I took some photos from my day and here is my day:

1. Lets begin - Arrived, woke up fully, read my emails and got briefed on what needed to be done for the day.

How adorable is my Rapunzel background?

2. Get to work! - Today I was creating Instagram style outfit shots of the outfits used in the photoshoots for the brand, I had a rail of stuff but most of it was not there so I had to run round the office hunting for the correct samples! Good thing I wasn't wearing heels today..

Running round finding the right departments

Good thing i've got skinny wrists to hold loads of clothes with

Hunting through beautiful clothes for outfits

3. Styling! - Next it was picking suitable accessories for the outfits, I love this. The press room has a shoe cupboard and it's amazing just walking up and down it with it's hundreds of pairs of shoes.

Racking up my outfit choices with their footwear
4. Laying it all out - I had to find different backgrounds for the different trends, so wandered round the office to find some nice flooring to use. One of them I used was outside and it was stupidly windy so I had to weigh everything down with the heavy chunky boots I had to shoot as everything was flying away. I also received some weird looks from the people in the window when I was doing the shots outside, oh well! It was tricky getting everything in the shot as well, as I only had a Instagram sized square to work with, this involved me hunting for objects to stand on, including plastic storage boxes and chairs, unfortunately I couldn't find any ladders, would've been ideal!

My box of stuff to shoot outside

My set up with my box to stand on

5. Edit - When I got all the shots I liked I edited them on my Instagram app and actually really liked  them all, definitely want to do more of these style outfit shots for my blog in the future.

Then it was lunch time!
Went for a wander down Oxford Street and into New Look, whoops.

Cheeky OOTD in the changing room, CHEEKAYY

My beautiful new blanket cardigan (will do a haul post)
 Then I had to research and design a trend poster for the brand to communicate the new brands on which will be sent to the whole business, so it would be stuck up around the office, stuck up in all the back of house in every single store and just generally used as a whole. I've made, I think about 3 of these posters for the business in my time here, work experience and employed, I actually just did the last trend poster for them. I love making posters and moodboards, was always my fav thing to do at uni (other than sleep and get drunk), but I'm only really a fan of making them digitally, can't be dealing with fiddly cutting and glue on my hands.
 Then I was asked to help choose some outfits and accessories for a shoot downstairs and help pack the items as well. Doing things like this makes me feel like a stylist, love it. I've been in stylist meetings, blogged about it here and being a freelance stylist looks like so much fun, what a cracking job.
 Overall my day consisted of Instagrammin' outfits, making trend posters, running quick errands for people e.g. finding samples around the office in different departments, printing/copying and all sorts, then helping pack and style for a shoot. No day is ever the same, and I love all the jobs and tasks I get given. I have responsibilities, such as making effective trend posters, selecting and communicating what the mannequins in all the windows are wearing every week and others, and it definitely makes me excited to have these responsibilities. I love my job!
Thanks for reading! If you liked this sort of post let me know and i'll try and do some more similar!

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