Monday, 8 June 2015

Double Denim | Ootd

Coat - New Look
Top - Gap
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Primark

 I haven't Double Denim'd since the 90s.. I am so in love with this outfit right now. These jeans are so comfortable. I haven't really liked myself in white denim before, until I found these Gap beauties. I'm not a maaaaaassive fan of my legs.. and white never ever looks good on me, bottoms wise, but I love these! They're the Slim Straight fit and have some slight distressing on the jean, which I really like. I've never trusted myself in white however as I tend to always get mucky no matter how hard I try not too, but I just managed a full day without getting these dirty, don't know how. This top is also from Gap and it's gorgeous. It has a slight open back and it's really soft, also comfortable too.

 I'm so happy I finally found a pair of white jeans I acccctually can wear without cringing at myself when I look at me in them! And the ripped detailing on them is so nice. I have a feeling they'll be popping up more on the blog.

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