Monday, 16 February 2015

Style Inspo// Personal Style

 I love tumblr and I use it to gain inspiration for my personal style. I don't like Pinterest, I tried it once, didn't like it and haven't gone back to it, I'm sure if i tried again I wouldn't mind it.. but I've been using tumblr for 4 years now and it suits me fine. Instagram, that's a given YES, on it all day long on my phone, Lookbook is also great, but again, I'm in love with the tumblr. I follow some great accounts or more than often I will rely on the search tool, type in a key word, and let the inspiration juices flow. I wish they would magically invent a button that says 'buy now' and you can buy the clothing or items you see on tumblr, because that would make life a lot easier and fashionable for me.

 If the image features a Celine handbag or a gold Marc Jacobs/Michael Kors watch, I'm all over that. I also follow a lot of Kylie Jenner (my queen) style accounts as she's also a massive influence on my style.. well not so much I walk round in black caged high heels with teal dip-dye, just the colours (or lack of) she wears and how she makes everything so, effortless and simple but so stylish and fabulous, I love her.

 My style is quite simple. I like layers, neutral colours and the effortless style look. I like outfits to have one key statement rather than a whole shebang, for example, A nice flannel shirt with plain tee and jeans and trainers, or a statement necklace with a plain black dress and boots. I don't like to overdo it as that's just not me, I am a laid-back girl (with a tight bank account). By all means, if I had the dough, I'm sure my dress sense would get a lot fancier.

Do you use tumblr or Pinterest for style inspiration? Is there anything else out there you use? You a plain, effortless chick like me?

Thanks for reading!

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