Saturday, 7 February 2015

February Wishlist..

New Look Camel Sleeveless coat (here)// GHD Rose Gold Styler set (here)// Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques Arched Powder brush (here)// New Look Boyfriend Ripped jeans (here)// ASOS Sleeping Beauty Jumper (here)// White Converse All Star trainers (here)

I am skint beyond belief, so this post was so hard to create because I just want them all NOW! So hard to resist buying them at this very moment. But these are the main few items I cannot get off my mind at this present time, I'm sure by next week there will be another 8 or 14 added to the list, I have a problem..

First up is this sleeveless coat from New Look, I am obsessed with this sleeveless outwear look coming up, sleeveless trenchcoats, sleeveless blazers, all sorts, it's too chic to handle, thank you Victoria Beckham. I want the look, so I have chosen this beaut to soon be worn by myself, hopefully very soon.

I have some straighteners which were about £10-£20 from Boots, they do the job but not amazingly. I have stupidly thick and long hair and I've finally grasped the concept of straightening my own hair, been relying on my friends for far too long, so I want to up my game and invest in some GHDs. Like now. And I see these ones everywhere at the moment and they really do look fabulous, so I want.

Bold Metals, no shock this is in my wishlist. I have the Oval Eyeshadow, because it was the only brush left in my local Boots, but this one is next on my list. 

Ripped jeans are a must this SS15, they're so fab. I love the boyfriend baggy style as well, so I think these jeans will be perfect for me right now.

The love I have for this jumper right now is real, so real. I need this Sleeping Beauty jumper like we need water to survive, okay extremely dramatic and over the top but I just want to communicate how much I feel I need this jumper in my life. How amazing is it. HOW. I think if I were to own it I'd never take it off. EVER.

And finally, all my converse I own are broken. It must be the way I walk or how much I live in them or something but they're aaaaalll destroyed, so I need to one by one start replacing them so I can wear Converse again in my life. These I believe were my first pair, so I shall start here again.

Welllllll there it is, what I want to buy literally right now. Forget bills, I need that Aurora jumper. Hope you liked the post and thank you for reading. Have an amazing weekend!

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