Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Primark and Boots Haul..

Because I work during the week, and commuting to and from London, I have zero time to do anything apart from get home, have dinner, wash and then sleep, I now live for the weekends. This Sunday I went to town and even though it's after payday, I have zero money (thank you iPad I bought last month and Amsterdam trip next month), so I went to three shops and then was like, 'No Laura, you need to go home now before you spend absolutely all your money in one go', So the three shops I went to were Primark, Boots and then the Pound shop. No I'm not showing what I bought from the Pound shop, unless you're into Mr Muscle Bath cleaner, furniture polish and cloths (?!), but I do love a good pound shop trip, guilty pleasure!

In Primark I bought two underwear sets, didn't seem appropriate to show but mark my words they're really cute and pretty. I also bought this large wash bag and a small, pencil case type one. I am off to Amsterdam next month with the boyfriend so I bought this to use for it. I am a sucker for anything nautical or with an anchor on it, don't know why, always been obsessed with anchors, have a large one tattooed on my ankle, anyway, how sweet is this bag. They had like a whole set, but I refrained and just got this one. I was torn between a really sweet looking Minnie Mouse one, and this, but this won purely on the size and the material, as the Minnie Mouse one felt really quite cheap. And I got this little cute sparkly pink one to use as a pencil case for work, as I constantly lose my pens and USB sticks around my pit of a bag, so this will hopefully contain them all for quick finding in time of need purposes.

Then into Boots.. Firstly, I went to find the new Bold Collections in my local store and there were two brushes left, the oval eyeshadow brush and the tapered blush brush. Don't know whether this was a blessing in disguise as I would've bought more if they were there, but how mad is that?! They're gone already! When I was buying them the woman said it's bizzare how popular these brushes are, so I'm excited to finally (whenever I have money) to try more out, but for now, this one will do! I also saw my No7 voucher was going to run out so I had a browse over at the No7 counter, haven't been there for yonks, and found this. London and commuting and lack of sleep has ruined my skin, so I wanted a little skin pick me up to use everyday or so, just so I don't look so dead and bland all the time.. read the box.. sounded good, so bought it. Hopefully it works!

I also have been on the hunt for a face mask to again, revive my skin, and I've been loving Soap and Glory lately so I looked at them picked up their 'No Clogs Allowed' face mask, which again, sounded good on the box. I will force myself to use this, a while ago I treated myself to a Liz Earle face wash, the one with the cloth everyone loves, and I haven't used it yet... I KNOW, I will soon.. I just have been so lazy lately, I really need to kick myself up the backside and start looking after my skin again, stop with the face wipes every single day as my only way of getting off my makeup (and in the shower obviously)..

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading my post. I will probably try and post a review on the products at some point, if they're good or not! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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