Thursday, 5 February 2015

Missguided Purchases..

Not a massive haul but I bought these two items from Missguided and thought they were too nice not to share. First up is this Navy Checked Dungaree Play suit (here) which I thought I wouldn't like but I tried it on and loved it. The only problem is I have a long body and tall so play suits and dungarees which don't look ridiculous on me are so hard to find, this is great but it's a bit short and rides up at the back a bit, but oh well.

Secondly is this Jersey Oversized Trapeze Dress (here) which for once from Missguided FITS ON ME HOW IT'S MEANT TOO! I was sceptical at first as the sizes available are S/M or M/S and being so tall and lanky with dresses from Missguided, always ends up with me returning them because they don't cover my knickers when I bend over or lift up my arms.. ever.. but this does! It fits how it's meant to on me! So haaaapppyyy! I can bend over, wave my arms above my head, and my pants aren't on show, it's a miracle! I love it so much! I feel like a little cute rag doll in it.

And those are the only things I bought (and kept) from this Missguided order. I tend to put millions in my basket but money is tight this month so I behaved and only bought a few, good girl to me.

Have you bought anything recently from Missguided?

Thanks for reading :)

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