Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Favourite iPad Apps..

  In January I treated myself to a brand new iPad Mini 2 and I haven't put it down since I got it, I'm addicted. It's funny because whenever I go on it then go on my iPhone, it feels so weird because the iPhone seems so tiny now. I'm not usually a massive technology gadget geek but I love this iPad.

 I'm constantly browsing the App store for a new game, new app and new books to try, and hopefully fall in love with. I love finding new games and apps that are fun and I enjoy, endless amounts of fun to be had. These are a few of my current favourites on my iPad right now:

Bloglovin - free

 I love reading blogs, I could do it all day. I always use the Popular option to find new blogs to follow and it's such a handy app to have on my iPad, I reccommend it for any blog lover with a tablet.

Padgram - free

 When I first got my iPad I downloaded Instagram but it looked so funny on an iPad as it was designed for an iPhone, so I had a Google and people were recommending this app to use instead and it's great. I love the way you can see so many more posts across the screen, Instagrammin' to the max.

Tumblr - free

 I love Tumblr so when I saw I could get it on my iPad I got far too excited. Tumblr is my favourite source of inspiration, as well as Instagram, and I use it everyday.

Soundcloud - free

My boyfriend got me into Soundcloud whilst we were at university visiting the library together to do our work (watch films, eat snacks, complain about how much left we have to do but don't do it till the last minute) and I love it, It's such a great way to find new music and artists to fall in love with, and super easy to make a playlist and press play and enjoy and get on with life. I usually play it off my phone and iPad and then set it up on our wireless speakers, so I can blast it out and tidy or just chill to some good songs.

YouTube- free

 I could spend all day watching my favourite YouTubers. I mainly use this iPad to steam to my tv when i'm in the flat, or when i'm chilling in bed will just start watching the Shaytards, or CTFxC, or Zoella, and so on.

Simcity Build it - free

 This is my current go-to game and I'm beyond addicted to it right now. I'm stupidly proud of my town and can't build anything more right now because I need to expand all my space but it's too fun. I tend to never spend money on games, like the in-app spending, so games tend to be slow and progressive, but I always get far too tempted to just buy a package and get on with the game further. This game is amazing, if you haven't got it yet, get it.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood - free

 Yes.. I know.. I can't help it! I love this game! It's far too addicting! I went off of it for a while, when we first moved into our flat we couldn't get Wifi installed for bloody ages, so me and the boyf would just eat or just get a drink at the local Spoons to use their Wifi, and whenever I went onto this game, I was losing millions of fans and it was just looking tragic, so I went off it. But recently out of nowhere  I've started becoming obsessed with it again! I've just got married on it, so congratulations to me.

 I've also started loving Etsy and Polyvore, and use all the standards like Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and so on.

 This iPad was definitely a splurge as I didn't need it, but i'm so glad I got one, it's never not by my side, I love it. Have you got an iPad? What are your favourite apps?

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