Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January Favourites..

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, MAC lipstick in Creme D'Nude, Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion, Paco Rabanne Lady Million, Benefit Cosmetics Hoola

So the first month of 2015 has gone, soon before we know it, it will be September or something silly, swear each year that goes by goes so quickly! Anyway, here's some of the things I can think of that I have been loving this month.

 My lips absolutely suffer in the cold months, it's ridiculous how bad they get. Anyway I woke up one day and I was like, I NEED TO EXFOLIATE MY LIPS and I used to swear by this Lush lip scrub back in my college days, so I picked up one and the difference it's made is so good. My lips feel a lot better, they're still dry and not all perfect, but they're a lot better, I don't feel like I want to rip all my lips apart anymore, which you know, is great. Because my lips have been in a not so great condition, I haven't been wearing lipstick, but since they got a bit better half way through the month, I've been picking up Creme D'Nude all of a sudden, which is a classic in my eyes.

 At Christmas I picked up the Soap and Glory box which everyone was banging on about which was on like half price or something, and I've been absolutely loving it. My favourites out the box have been the little pack of face wipes because they're perfect to put in my bag to do my makeup every morning on the train, and this Butter Yourself moisture lotion. I've actually been using this loads, which is surprising as I usually move onto a different goo or get lazy and don't at all.

This month I bought my first Hoola, which is a bronzing boxed powder from Benefit. I've owned boxed powders before, but never this one, and now I have it I wonder why the hell I didn't buy it bloody sooner. It goes on like a dream and works wonders, I love it. I'm eyeing up my next boxed powder from Benefit right now, the Rockateur one, looks lush.

Finally my favourite pictured is Lady Million. For my boyfriends birthday a few months ago, I bought him the men's Million version, as I knew he loved it and had run out, the smell is divine. Then for Christmas he surprised me with my own one (how sweet is that) and I actually love it. It's my new special scent for special occasions or when we have our date nights, and it just smells so bloody amazing. He did well at Christmas, very well my boy.

And those are my beauty favourites for this month, it's not much but I can't really remember loving anything particularly during January apart from Celebrity Big Brother and ordering dominos..

Hope you enjoyed my post, what have been your favourites this month?

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