Thursday, 12 February 2015

Ombré.. Do I Don't I?


 I am 22 years old and I have never ever evener dyed my hair. I consider and think about it every single year, but every time I get close to making a decision I chicken out or people are like "Don't you'll ruin your hair," "Don't you'll regret it," etc. etc. But thiiiiis year, I am determined to take the plunge and dye my hair. Exciting stuff.

 Now, If I could go to the hairdressers right now with a load of money (the dream) I would be like, Make me Kylie Jenner, Now. Please. and then hopefully I would walk out the salon looking fierce in my teal locks. But that's not going to happen now really is it. So let's be reasonable and serious about this Laura yeaah..


 I've always had long thick and naturally curly hair, in over words, a massive long frizz ball on my head. When I apply serum, the bottle says like, 2-3 pumps, but that covers an 1/8 of my hair, so I have to pump about 13-17 times.. #Frizzprobs. I cut my hair once, can't remember how old I was but I had a pet hamster, that's all I remember, so that's helpful to you, not.. but I honestly all I remember about this hair phase was the fact I had a fat and lazy hamster.. but anyway, I regretted it immediately. As soon as she finished cutting my hair and I looked in the mirror I was like "What the hell do I look like" and spent hours in my room on my bean bag crying.. then I was like, never again. So since then, however old I was, want to say like 11-12, don't know.. I've had stupidly long hair.

 I don't know how or why, but when I first got to University and during my first and second years, my hair grew at an outstanding rate on my head. I literally would go to my hairdressers for a 4-5 inch trim, and it would grow back within a week. My hair is always fast growing, but for some reason, at Uni when I had no funding to get the often haircut, it decided it would grow every single day. I felt like Rapunzel. My hairs slowing down now, but it still really needs a good trim.

 ANYWAY, back to hair dye. I've always wanted the dip-dye ombré that everyone and their mothers either have right now or have done.. But I really like it still and have always umm'd and ahh'd over doing it. I think next payday, I'm gunna do it..


 Lately though I've just been seeing and hearing about bad ombre's happening (apologies to friends involved) that I'm also apprehensive and scared! What if it turns out horrible and I cry.. And do I dye my whole hair to a nice darker brown and then ombre, or do I just ombre from my natural hair colour?! Do I go full on blonde tips, or just a lighter colour of brown?! Decisions decisions.

What do you think, is ombre done and dusted now? Is there a new hair trend out there I should consider instead, or do you still love the dip dye?

Thanks for reading!

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