Saturday, 21 February 2015

Happy Notes Jar

 For Christmas I recieved this jar and it was full with yummy Flying Saucer sweets. The sweets didn't last long.. at all.. and when they were finished I went to throw it away but my boyfriend said no. He said I should wash it out and write notes to put in there, which is actually a really good idea, so this is what the jar currently looks like now.

 We keep it in the living room on this side coffee table next to the sofa, and write in it whenever. We said everyday but that's effort, so I write in it whenever I get an evening to myself, and he usually writes a bulk amount whenever he can be bothered, but it's a nice idea. We'll probably open it and read them early 2016 I imagine. Whenever I open it to put a new note in, the smell of flying saucers still hits you and it's amazing, I love flying saucers, and also it's incredibly hard not to sneak peak and read one or two, but I haven't and wont, because I'll hate myself for it after, so I shall behave and wait till 2016.

 I've seen so many posts on the internet about how people have made one of these jars, and I'm so glad we did! It's nice to write happy stuff and nice moments and memories on it I would usually forget so that will be fun remembering it again when we can read them all. What do you think, do you have a notes jar? Would you ever start one? Or do you do something similar to keep memories to remember in a years or so on's time?

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