Saturday, 28 March 2015

Creamy Highlighters

 I love highlighters and how dewy and lovely they make your face look, especially for night outs or date nights that I usually go on with my boyf. I haven't at all been using highlighters that much for a long time, apart from the odd High Beam mini in them Benefit kits I'd get for Christmas, but recently I have been using them a bit more. I definitely prefer a creamy based highlighter, and these two are my favourites, so I thought I'd post about them!

 First up is Benefit's Watt's Up! which is an amazing highlighter. It's easy to use, not massively easy to blend I find sometimes, but never the less, an amazing product. I usually wear this one everyday, as I just love the look it gives. I will either wear it with Hoola bronzer to contour or the Boujour bronzer, you know, the chocolate one. I prefer Hoola but for an everyday face I will just wear the Boujour one as it doesn't break the bank at all and lasts for ages!

 Secondly is the Topshop Glow which I bought on a whim as I haven't personally really heard about it that much. It's a beautiful colour and it's easy to use like Watt's Up. I'd wear this more for evenings when I'm making an effort, which isn't often at all, but it's nice to doll up!

 I would love to try Mac's Soft and Gentle as I haven't before but have been lusting over it for some time right now. My love for highlighters is growing and hope my collection does so to in time.

What highlighters would you recommend? Which are your favourites?

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Outfit #1// Amsterdam Exploring

Trenchcoat - New Look
Scarf - New Look
Striped tee - Boohoo
Boyfriend Ripped jeans - New Look
Shoes - New Look
Sunglasses - New Look
Bag - New Look

 Last week for our week off, my boyfriend and I went to Amsterdam as we both have never been and really wanted to see the place, and do something exciting on our week off. It was amazing. It was one of the most beautiful and interesting places I've ever been to! It was unreal. I definitely would love to go again, as there's just so much to see and do.

 We flew in the afternoon so had a good evening to explore, but for our first full day I wore this outfit. This is my brand new New Look trench coat which I lOvE. This jacket is perfect for Spring and it looks so chic and I love it, and it has definitely sparked a new found love for trench coats and macs. I wore this New Look scarf I've had for a while as well with the trench just for that extra warmth as it was chilly at times.

Underneath I wore this new Boohoo striped top I got from the Zoella edit, it's lightweight, fits really nicely and looks really sweet on. I wore it with my new New Look boyfriend ripped jeans, They're mega comfy and look really nice on. I struggle with denim sizes, so they didn't fit the best, ended up having to find a belt, luckily there's millions of good high street brand shops in Amsterdam, managed to get a sweet navy Pull & Bear belt for cheap, so my jeans weren't falling down all day, but other than that, I love these denim jeans.

 On my feet are my new NEW LOOK (New Look overload in this outfit) slip on style trainers which are surprisingly stupidly comfy and look so sweet. Then on my head are my New Look sunglasses which are a funky oval shaped pair in tortoiseshell, love tortoiseshell sunglasses, who doesn't.. and finally on my back I have my new New Look gold metallic rucksack (post here), I am obsessed with this bag right now and carry it everywhere. It was perfect for wandering round Amsterdam all trip as it fit everything I needed in and it's fabulous.

And there it is. I definitely want to start doing regular outfit posts, I need to invest in a tripod as my boyfriend isn't excited to get involved in this at all, so yeah..

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Style Inspo// Tumblr Pics

Another edition of my personal style Tumblr photo post, see my last one here. Like I said previously, I love to stalk Tumblr for personal style inspiration and my last session these were a few of my highlights. I'm looking for this to be a regular post of mine, so be sure to follow for upcoming ones!

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Ikea Mini Plant Haul

 So our little flat which we call home, it is seriously lacking some plants. Not like flowers, bouquets my boyfriend picks me up every once in a while, but like house plants. Grown up plants. I got fed up of this and took our joint account card to Ikea with my friends from home to came to visit me the other day.

 Thanks to bloggers and Pinterest, my love for a cactus has sprung from no where and I wanted loads, but only ended up with these few. I got a pack of three mini ones and a larger one, I don't know why but this one just called out to me, so I had to have him.. I call him Mr. Knobby and he sits next to my new Primark pineapple candle which again I have seen everywhere and fallen in love with, was hard only walking to the till point with one in hand. The cactus plants have also taken fancy to my boyfriend who religiously moves them around during the day every day ensuring they get enough sunlight.. no words... HE Literally does this all the time. Whenever I come home the cactus plants will be in a completely new spot.

 I also popped this fake plant in my trolley with a pot which matches all the others (yes) as a nice little touch to our side table in the living room. Overall I have discovered I NEED MORE PLANTS! But for now, these will do. Eyeing up a large plant, like the massive potted plants, to go by the window on the other side of the room, oh yes.

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Soap and Glory Review// No Clogs Allowed, Deep Pore Detox Face Mask

 My skin isn't the greatest.. I suffered from bad acne when I was a teenager.. Well thinking back at it, it wasn't that bad but it destroyed my self confidence and affected me badly.. anyway, back to now, yeah, my skin isn't the greatest so I've been trying different skincare products lately. On my list was a face mask to use whilst I'm chilling in the bath on a weekly basis. 

 On a trip to Boots I was browsing the skin care isles and I found this face mask from Soap and Glory which is a favourite brand of mine. What made it appeal to me what the way it targets pores and offers a good deep pore detox, so it was in my shopping basket. Priced at £11.50 I believe when I bought it it was on some sort of 3 for 2 skincare offer, so it might still be happening now, but it has been a while now since I bought it.

 It's a heated mask so when it's applied straight away you can feel it heat up, which is a strange sensation at first but then it's nice, because it feels like it's doing something! Easy to apply and easy to spread around the face. Smell is not offensive, I quite like it, smells like it's going to do the job it's been made to do.

 Afterwards my skin felt faaaaabulous. I now look forward to my Sunday evening pamper session in a nice Lush bath bomb filled bath, glass of rose wine and my face mask. I definitely want to try not only different face masks from different brands but more from Soap and Glory's skin care range. I caught a glimpse at a few items as I was buying this but yes, definitely will be looking at trying more from their range.

What do you think? Will you try this product? Or do you know of a face mask which is amazing you could recommend?

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Friday, 13 March 2015

New Look Metallic Bags

 These bags from New Look are STUN.NING. I couldn't handle the goldness and the metallicness so I bought these both.. aaaand eyeing up the different colours of the backpack, they have this beautiful lilac colour and a blue one and they're amazing. I use the backpack for day to day work life and the little one at the weekend if I'm just popping to town or what not. They're both just beautiful and I'm in love. Grab one. Now. Definitely taking these two to my upcoming trip to Amsterdam to wear with my new New Look trench mac which is also beautiful. I am a huge New Look fan..

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

February Favourites

OH YES IT IS! It's the marble effect tray and pot that's everywhere at the moment! I know, but I just could not resist it, especially to home my Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury brushes I received from Luke for Valentines Day.

 This month I have been loving most the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I use this everyday and especially during February as I have been skint and haven't really owned any other foundations as I have used them all up. Literally all of them.. my Diors, Chanels, Macs, ALL OF THEM! Which is a nightmare. Feeling a massive high end foundation shopping spree coming soon, as I do love owning a variety of foundations rather than just one. But yeah, this foundation is amazing, does the trick for a lovely day wearing foundation, I love it.

Secondly I've been grabbing my Benefit products so much this month, especially the Gimme Brow, Hoola bronzer and my new favourite mascara in the world Rollerlash. Rollerlash is bloody amazing. I will be doing a separate review post on it soon but let me just say, it's brilliant, I love it so much.

 Then finally, I have been loving this Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick, I picked it up after I watched a Zoella video, can't remember which one, pretty sure it's a Boots haul video, and bought it straight after. She usually has that effect on me, and it's a beautiful product.

 And of course, I have been loving this tray and this pot. How lovely do the brushes look in them, look! I also picked up another H&M home pot for my other brushes as well.

So there it is! My February favourites. Thanks for reading! Please comment and follow if you enjoyed this post!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What's in my Handbag// The staples

 I love What's in my Bag posts. I love being nosey and seeing what others have got in their handbag and if I get inspired at all. I'm always usually jealous as well of the actual handbag itself people possess. I sort my bag out all the time to get rid of the junk and receipts for chocolate bars and Irn bru I seem to collect, so I thought I'd make a post of all the staples I always carry out, no matter what handbag I use, as I like to switch it up daily.

 Right now I usually am using this Celine knock off, I did a post about it here, and my leather rucksack with tassells on it which make me feel like Pocahontas, but mainly this little bag. You can't fit much in but I can fit all the essentials I like to carry around.

 Firstly I will never leave without my purse or some sort of money, either my card or coin purse, and this is my Michael Kors purse I got for Christmas I looooove. I need to sort it out inside, lately I've just been ramming all my receipts in it and it's a mess. Also I just got these new Michael Kors glasses, which I loveeeee as well. I usually never wore my old glasses because they were that old and all broken and bent and didn't look amazing on me, I could only get them because they were the cheapest! But now I chose these myself (they were on offer, didn't go too cray) and I love wearing them! 

 I will also never ever leave without some sort of body spray or perfume, and Hollister sprays are a massive favourite of mine and have probably been living in my handbags for years now. I hate how expensive they are so I will not buy new ones until I literally need them, like I cannot spray anything out of the bottle, but I do love a good fresh batch of body sprays from there. I also carry my Soap and Glory hand cream everywhere, and my EOS lip balm ball, I love this, I have one in my bag and one by my bed, and I even got my boyfriend one for Christmas because he kept using mine, I got him the blue one because it was the manliest colour available haha! And also I like to carry a lip product, either a lipstick or so on, and lately I have been sporting this Mac Cremesheen gloss in Boy Bait.

I like to be mega organised so I carry around this Paperchase planner I've had for a year now which does the job, with my favourite Swarovski pen which I've had for yeeeeeears now. I also carry this pencil case from Primark if I'm going to work and it holds some pens, pencils, highlighters and my USB stick, so nothing exciting, but it's cute and pink and sparkly.

Finally from the staples is my everyday make up bag and a hair bulldog clip. Because I commute to London everyday for work at the moment I prefer a few more minutes in bed and doing my makeup on the train as its a long journey and may as well if I get to spend more time in bed, so i usually carry this make up bag a lot. I got it with a juicy couture perfume a few years ago, it's a bit grubby so I will probably buy a new one soon, but for now I like it. I seem to have a theme of pink things in my bag..

Aaaaaand that's it really, of all the things I don't usually leave the house without in my bag. I will carry around other things like an umbrella and a water bottle and that, but that's standard really when you like in the UK and it rains too much. 

Do you have your handbag essentials you never leave the house without? 

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Fairy Light Heart Jar..//home decor

 I rent a flat with my boyfriend, which means decorating is limiting. It is furnished as well which means most of the furniture was here to begin with, we own a few pieces, mainly in the bedroom, but like, the sofa and dining table and that, were here. We couldn't afford to buy lots of furniture as we had both just literally finished university when we moved in, but we're getting there. After months of trying to get it in a place where it's mildly organised and homely, I began doing little things to decorate the place.

Like practically every female today, I am obsessed with fairy lights. They just create the cosiest and homely vibe and atmosphere, I love them. I have some hanging up in the living room, balanced on top of the blinds, and some wrapped around the bed frame, and I want more but the boyfriend said no.. But then I also have this jar in the living room on the table. I've always wanted to do a decorative feature with a jar, I remember back in my college days I bought this box of fake rose petals from Ikea with intention's to buy a jar to put them all in nicely, and didn't, they sat in the box for years until I went to university, then I stuck them all over my cork board amongst posters and photographs, as we weren't allowed to stick stuff on the wall (did anyway but yeah..). Then one day I was walking around Primark and I found these cute heart fairy lights, and then bought them. I couldn't find anywhere around the flat I wanted to put them though, so that day we went to Ikea in search of frames to put our degrees in I believe, and then I bought this jar/vase thing to put them in.

 I think it looks so cute, and when the rooms all dark and I'm all chilled I'll pop it on and it just makes it all worm and cosy and thank the lord for fairy lights. I want to do another one of these for the bedroom for the side table I believe, I have to go and buy a new duvet set anyway since my boyfriend decided to upgrade to a king sized duvet, not the bed, it's still a double, just the duvet.. at first I was like erm no.. then he did it, and now I love it, it's like sleeping in a cloud. Anyway, I'm sure when I pick up a duvet set I'll stumble on some fairy lights, jar 'em, and then put them somewhere. Could this be the new fairy light trend? Instead of hanging them on a wall? Jar them? Who knows! I like it!

How many fairy lights do you have hanging up? Do you like this little decoration idea?

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My Camera// Canon EOS 1100D

 This is my camera I use, for personal use and for blogging. I got it for my 21st birthday, and I like it!

 I never took photography at college, and at university I took Fashion Promotion and communication, and we had a photography workshop for a term for first and second year, so I know some basics. Funny story, in my first ever week of university, it was our first photography workshop and we had this freelance professional come in to teach us, well I had obviously gone out the night before (and the night before that, and the night before that and so on, it's freshers week! you had too!) anyway, I hadn't drunk much water and the room was hot and I started to feel dizzy. Next thing I know i'm lying on the floor with my friend (who technically I just had met during freshers week so didn't know her that well) holding both my feet up so my legs are up, and everyone crowding round me. I had fainted. Poor guy, he wasn't a teacher so he was probably panicking, and way to make an impression with your new course mates.. when I woke up and my head stopped hurting badly, I was put on a chair, then wheeled up to the window, then he walked off and carried on with the workshop. So I was just left by the window.. I didn't end up going out that night unfortunately, my flatmate took me to A&E as my head hasn't stopped hurting since I did that in the morning so she worried, so like the second week I had left home for university, I was already ringing up my mum telling her I was in A&E.. that happened way too many times after during my three years there.. Anyway! Back to the camera..

 I've taken this camera to press events, Disneyland Paris twice, Paris centre so up the Eiffel Tower and around the Notre Dame and all that jazz, and things like mine and my boyfriends graduations, and all sorts really, I love this camera, it's great as my first dslr camera, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade from a basic digital camera, which is what I had done. I've also recorded a few videos on it as well which always turn out good.

 I really want to learn more about photography and how to use this camera to it's full potential, so I've been looking out for photography tips posts and tutorial and such. I'm usually rubbish with things like this, I'm not going to pretend I know what i'm doing, so hopefully soon, I will know a bit more!

 What camera do you own? :)

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