Monday, 23 March 2015

Ikea Mini Plant Haul

 So our little flat which we call home, it is seriously lacking some plants. Not like flowers, bouquets my boyfriend picks me up every once in a while, but like house plants. Grown up plants. I got fed up of this and took our joint account card to Ikea with my friends from home to came to visit me the other day.

 Thanks to bloggers and Pinterest, my love for a cactus has sprung from no where and I wanted loads, but only ended up with these few. I got a pack of three mini ones and a larger one, I don't know why but this one just called out to me, so I had to have him.. I call him Mr. Knobby and he sits next to my new Primark pineapple candle which again I have seen everywhere and fallen in love with, was hard only walking to the till point with one in hand. The cactus plants have also taken fancy to my boyfriend who religiously moves them around during the day every day ensuring they get enough sunlight.. no words... HE Literally does this all the time. Whenever I come home the cactus plants will be in a completely new spot.

 I also popped this fake plant in my trolley with a pot which matches all the others (yes) as a nice little touch to our side table in the living room. Overall I have discovered I NEED MORE PLANTS! But for now, these will do. Eyeing up a large plant, like the massive potted plants, to go by the window on the other side of the room, oh yes.

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