Wednesday, 15 July 2015

July Wishlist | LLWXO

1. Topshop Yellow Rain Mac - here 
2. Topshop Lace Up Flats - here
3. River Island Rose Gold Watch - here
4. Missguided Studded Tan Clutch - here
5. Motel Striped Playsuit - here
6. ASOS Cuff - here
7. Juju Jelly Shoes - here
8. Topshop Leaf Jumpsuit - here

I haven't done a wish list post in forever and making this I have no idea why, they're the best! First up is this rain mac from Topshop. I've always wanted a yellow rain mac to look adorable in! They're not just for toddlers! I love the gingham detailing on the cuffs as well, extra adorable. AND a sensible purchase as it's not ever going to stop raining in England. Another Topshop pick are these lace up flats I've seen everywhere but want want want. 

I love watches and rose gold, so I need a combination of the both. I found this one from River Island and it's lush! Next up is this bag from Valentino Missguided HOW MUCH DOES IT LOOK LIKE THE ROCKSTUD STUFFFFF I love the Valentino range so when I saw this bad boy it just had my name all over it, it's gorgeous! It's like £18 as well so much more easy going on the purse strings than Valentino.

I love Motel Rocks but haven't ever purchased from the website! I was browsing and I saw this playsuit I really really want as it looks so versatile. It would make a great casual playsuit with some lace up flats, or a smart formal one with tights and a blazer, OR a formal/going out look with some nice black heels and a cute clutch! When I shop I look for how much wear I can get out of something and if I could dress it up or dress it down.

I really badly want an arm cuff or cuff of some sort and I saw this one on ASOS I really like. It's gold with monochrome stone detailing and it's mega cheap and cute! I'm scared I wont be able to pull it off though... we'll see.

When I was a kid I had some jelly shoes but my mum wouldn't let me get a heeled pair, as I was young, but I really badly wanted some, just had to make do with the flats. Well now i'm technically an adult (even though I act like a disney obsessed seven year old) I can wear heeled jellies! Woohoo! I love the Juju jelly shoes from Union Jack Boots, they're so cute and look mega sturdy.

Finalllllyyyyyyy, this gorgeous Topshop leaf print jumpsuit needs to be in my wardrobe as soon as possible. It's so so so so so pretty and I need it, end of.

 Any of these items from my wishlist take your fancy? :)

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