Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April Favourites

Oh hello H&M Home marble effect tray <3 Yes it's now May time and like everyone else, I have collected my products I have reached for the most this month and typed about them. ENJOY!

 First things first, (Iggy Azealia tune) I kid.. Nip + Fab have been a favourite brand of mine for the past few months, with my obsession growing mad, mainly for the Glycolic range products. I LOVE the cleanser as well but it was in my shower during photographing time and I didn't want my bed to get all wet and gunky, but the cleanser is definitely a monthly obsession of mine, and this overnight serum. Well them all really, but I couldn't shoot them all for this image (trays too small).

 The other month when I was doing my stock up of Rimmel's Wake me Up foundation, I picked up this BB cream as I had never tried it before and wanted to see if this was any good or not. I didn't use it much but lately I've really been grabbing this for some reason. It's quick and easy to apply and it doesn't make my skin look all blotchy, anddd powder goes nicely on top of it which I like.

 Lash Sensational is brilliant. I am obsessed with Benefit's Rollerlash but this is just as good. It's so good for my everyday quick grab mascara and makes my lashes look long and luscious. It's a pain in the bum to get off sometimes I've found but other than that, it's amazeballs.

 I recieved the Zoeva Luxury Rose Gold brush collection for Valentines day from the boyf and they're amazing brushes. It does mean now if he catches me looking at brushes he's always like 'but I brought you brushes, you don't need anymore..' but what do men know, ey. This Luxe Sheer Cheek brush is by far my favourite from the collection, (excuse the dirtiness) as it puts on my product amazingly and easily. And doesn't it just look pretty (prettier when actually clean).

 Finally to a constant and trusty favourite of mine, the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions moisturiser. I have been using from the Clinique Anti-Blemish collection for years now, and this moisturiser is just great. It feels so nice and refreshing on the skin, sinks in lovely and helps clear up my problem skin, which is awful at the moment... gods sake.

 And there they are in all their splendour. I hope you enjoyed this post, give it a comment if so, and be sure to follow on Bloglovin for more posts from moi!

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Nip + Fab Review | Glycolic Fix Range

Glycolic Fix Serum
Glycolic Fix Pads
 Glycolic Fix Cleanser
Glycolic Scrub Fix  

 I have been wanting to try from Nip + Fab and more specifically the Glycolic Fix range for ages now. Not just because Kylie Jenner is the new ambassador for them (although Kylie is Queen), but because I've just heard such good things about these products and I'm on a massive skincare hype at the moment. 

 I have only been using these for a little while now, but I can clearly see the results already. My skin feels so much cleaner, purer and softer, and my annoying constant redness is dying down! Praise the lord! Having these products also makes me actually want to use them and look after my skin.

 Each one of these products is super easy to use and apply, and in my eyes, seem to be working well. Which I'm mega happy about as if I were to hate these products I'd be quite upset, as Nip + Fab are a brand I love and Kylie is Queen. If they're good enough for her then they must be amazing!

 I keep the cleanser and scrub in the bathroom and either use them in the shower or just over the sink before bed or when I'm getting ready for the day. I don't use both each time but they do work so nicely together, well, as they should! The scrub is great when you've had a heavy makeup day, as it feels so good getting it all off and having a good facial scrub, and the cleanser is more gentle to use.

 The rest sit with all my other products and I love using the pads as they make my face feel so clean! I will use them twice a day religiously and I love the overnight serum. It doesn't feel too heavy and dries really quickly on my skin.

 My favourite from the range, well this is tough as I love them all, but probably has to be the Cleanser as I love the feeling after I use it and it's so nice to use.

I ordered these off Superdrug's online site as they had an amazing offer at the time but you can buy directly off their website here, with free UK delivery on all orders over £10, which is amazing, and I will definitely be repurchasing these items when they're all gone so I will at one point take advantage off the free delivery.

Next I would love to try their Yoga Blend range, as they sound lush and nice to use. Also their Dragon's Blood range sounds good too! All the Nip + Fab!

 Have you tried any Nip + Fab products? What do you think of the Glycolic Fix range?

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Lush Easter Collection | Mini Haul


I know it's after Easter but I had this on draft and thought theyre too sweet not to post!

 I didn't mean to pop into Lush at all as I'm trying so hard to save money, but I have spotted so many pretty things on Instagram and it was hard walking past the shop without at least looking inside.... and whoops, I picked up this cute little Bunny, and then went to the till where shamelessly but cleverly placed was this Easter Egg which I smelt and then could not walk away without buying. Both these products look so cute and smell amazing, especially the Easter Egg, and I cannot wait to try them.

 The Hoppity Poppity bath bomb was £2.50 and looks so sweet I don't want to use it! The product contains popping candy which I'm really excited to see how it goes whilst in the bath, should be hopefully interesting!

 Then next is the Fluffy Egg bath bomb which is £2.95 AND SMELLS AMAZING. Any fan of Snow Fairy (I have been buying Snow Fairy religiously every Christmas for years now, it's the best) will be immediately drawn to this bath bomb after smelling, as the candy floss scent is just so yummy, I just can't. I can't. It smells so so so so good. I'm hoping it works as good in the bath as it does smells!

 And I had to stop here otherwise I would've walked out leaving all my money in the till, which I would love to do but it isn't wise at all!

 Did you buy anything from the Lush Easter collection?

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Friday, 10 April 2015

OOTD #3 | Spring Has Arrived

Trenchcoat - New Look
Bag - New Look
Playsuit - High Street Outlet*
Boots - Primark
Sunglasses - New Look
  How gorgeous has the weather been these past few days?! If not by you then I feels, but here where I live it's been b.e.a.utiful. Warm and sunny weather just makes me so happy!

 This playsuit is so lovely and floral and perfect for spring, and only like £7.95 which is fabulously cheap, link is here. They have pockets as well which is always a bonus with clothing isn't it!?! Who doesn't love the odd pocket every now and again, so handy.

 It gets chilly from all the sea winds here so I wore my trusty New Look trench which I am in love with, and I have been wearing my New Look oval shaped tortoiseshell sunglasses non-stop lately. It's so amazing when you find a suiting pair of sunglasses isn't it!?

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*Gifted - See Disclaimer for more information.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Outfit #2 | Amsterdam Exploring 2

Trenchcoat - New Look
Scarf - New Look
Dress - Missguided
Shoes - New Look

 Another outfit from my recent Amsterdam trip, which was an amazing time. I did not take this trench coat off the entire time (well apart from sleeping and washing, the obvious, I mean out and about, you know what I mean) not just because it was a bit chilly at times but because I just adore it. It makes any outfit just look so chic and effortless.

 This striped oversized dress from Missguided is another massive wardrobe favourite of mine right now. I love oversized clothing and this dress just looks so sweet and adorable on, and it's comfy and not too short! Which is something I really struggle with, especially with Missguided.. I wore this to work one day and the woman who sits near me ordered it online approx. 20 minutes later after asking me where it was from. I always get complimented on this dress, it really is lovely, simple, yet lovely.

 As it was cold, I needed to wear some black tights, all hail the Primark Super Cosys! Cannot go wrong with a good pair of Super Cosys. I again wore these New Look slip ons which are so comfy and a SS15 footwear trend I actually really like. And finally, my trusty gold metallic rucksack was also worn with this outfit.

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Favourites

Clinque - Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel
MAC - Velvet Teddy
Nip +  Fab - Glycolic Fix pads
Benefit - Watts Up
Benefit - Roller Lash

 I like doing monthly favourites as it reminds me to start sorting out all my bills and that. Also makes me realise how fast the months actually go by! You always hear people saying 'I can't believe it's April already!' or so on, but I literally cannot believe it! It's insane how quickly months go by!

 My skin is awful at the moment and I hate it! I've properly gone on a skincare hype right now, just ordered a load of Nip + Fab skincare products I've been dying to try, and my favourite so far has to be these Glycolic Fix facial pads. You wipe all over your face with them and afterwards it feels so fresh and nice. The only thing I don't like about this product is the fact the tub doesn't really feel like its shut properly, so I worry the pads will all dry up, but other than that the product itself is really nice.

 And again with the skincare, I swear by this Clinque spot gel, swear by it. If I feel a spot coming or ones come and is giving me grief, I just pop this on it either once or twice, and then it calms down and then disappears. I have religiously used the Clinque Anti-Blemish range since I was a young teenager and will forever to (unless I find something completely amazing to take over the range) as it just works well for my skin and its just the best in my eyes!

 My boyfriend did something incredibly sweet this month. We just went to Amsterdam for a mini break on our week off and he told me on our last day that I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home. I had literally no idea what it was and when we got back there was a package and inside was Velvet Teddy, something I had been wanting for bloody ages and I'm pretty sure the girls in my local Mac store are sick of me asking about. It was so sweet how he knew, although he had been with me a few times when I had gone in and asked whilst buying something else, but still. He's the best! I've been wearing it loads, it's a really beautiful shade. I feel like I can't wear anything heavy on the eyes with it though as I feel like a drag queen, but its such a beautiful lip colour.

 And finally, I swear I've had these before but I LOVE THem and they're the Benefit Watts Up and the RollerLash which is life changing. I really want to try Mac's Soft and Gentle, but for now, Watts Up makes it onto my face nearly every single day, it just gives the best glow. And RollerLash actually gives me lashes, and it's just an amazing beautiful product. I has made me want to try the They're Real mascara as well, but again, for now, RollerLash just dominates my mascara collection, all others are irrelevant now.

 Have any of these products made your monthly favourites as well?

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