Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lush Easter Collection | Mini Haul


I know it's after Easter but I had this on draft and thought theyre too sweet not to post!

 I didn't mean to pop into Lush at all as I'm trying so hard to save money, but I have spotted so many pretty things on Instagram and it was hard walking past the shop without at least looking inside.... and whoops, I picked up this cute little Bunny, and then went to the till where shamelessly but cleverly placed was this Easter Egg which I smelt and then could not walk away without buying. Both these products look so cute and smell amazing, especially the Easter Egg, and I cannot wait to try them.

 The Hoppity Poppity bath bomb was £2.50 and looks so sweet I don't want to use it! The product contains popping candy which I'm really excited to see how it goes whilst in the bath, should be hopefully interesting!

 Then next is the Fluffy Egg bath bomb which is £2.95 AND SMELLS AMAZING. Any fan of Snow Fairy (I have been buying Snow Fairy religiously every Christmas for years now, it's the best) will be immediately drawn to this bath bomb after smelling, as the candy floss scent is just so yummy, I just can't. I can't. It smells so so so so good. I'm hoping it works as good in the bath as it does smells!

 And I had to stop here otherwise I would've walked out leaving all my money in the till, which I would love to do but it isn't wise at all!

 Did you buy anything from the Lush Easter collection?

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