Sunday, 12 April 2015

Nip + Fab Review | Glycolic Fix Range

Glycolic Fix Serum
Glycolic Fix Pads
 Glycolic Fix Cleanser
Glycolic Scrub Fix  

 I have been wanting to try from Nip + Fab and more specifically the Glycolic Fix range for ages now. Not just because Kylie Jenner is the new ambassador for them (although Kylie is Queen), but because I've just heard such good things about these products and I'm on a massive skincare hype at the moment. 

 I have only been using these for a little while now, but I can clearly see the results already. My skin feels so much cleaner, purer and softer, and my annoying constant redness is dying down! Praise the lord! Having these products also makes me actually want to use them and look after my skin.

 Each one of these products is super easy to use and apply, and in my eyes, seem to be working well. Which I'm mega happy about as if I were to hate these products I'd be quite upset, as Nip + Fab are a brand I love and Kylie is Queen. If they're good enough for her then they must be amazing!

 I keep the cleanser and scrub in the bathroom and either use them in the shower or just over the sink before bed or when I'm getting ready for the day. I don't use both each time but they do work so nicely together, well, as they should! The scrub is great when you've had a heavy makeup day, as it feels so good getting it all off and having a good facial scrub, and the cleanser is more gentle to use.

 The rest sit with all my other products and I love using the pads as they make my face feel so clean! I will use them twice a day religiously and I love the overnight serum. It doesn't feel too heavy and dries really quickly on my skin.

 My favourite from the range, well this is tough as I love them all, but probably has to be the Cleanser as I love the feeling after I use it and it's so nice to use.

I ordered these off Superdrug's online site as they had an amazing offer at the time but you can buy directly off their website here, with free UK delivery on all orders over £10, which is amazing, and I will definitely be repurchasing these items when they're all gone so I will at one point take advantage off the free delivery.

Next I would love to try their Yoga Blend range, as they sound lush and nice to use. Also their Dragon's Blood range sounds good too! All the Nip + Fab!

 Have you tried any Nip + Fab products? What do you think of the Glycolic Fix range?

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