Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Favourites

Clinque - Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel
MAC - Velvet Teddy
Nip +  Fab - Glycolic Fix pads
Benefit - Watts Up
Benefit - Roller Lash

 I like doing monthly favourites as it reminds me to start sorting out all my bills and that. Also makes me realise how fast the months actually go by! You always hear people saying 'I can't believe it's April already!' or so on, but I literally cannot believe it! It's insane how quickly months go by!

 My skin is awful at the moment and I hate it! I've properly gone on a skincare hype right now, just ordered a load of Nip + Fab skincare products I've been dying to try, and my favourite so far has to be these Glycolic Fix facial pads. You wipe all over your face with them and afterwards it feels so fresh and nice. The only thing I don't like about this product is the fact the tub doesn't really feel like its shut properly, so I worry the pads will all dry up, but other than that the product itself is really nice.

 And again with the skincare, I swear by this Clinque spot gel, swear by it. If I feel a spot coming or ones come and is giving me grief, I just pop this on it either once or twice, and then it calms down and then disappears. I have religiously used the Clinque Anti-Blemish range since I was a young teenager and will forever to (unless I find something completely amazing to take over the range) as it just works well for my skin and its just the best in my eyes!

 My boyfriend did something incredibly sweet this month. We just went to Amsterdam for a mini break on our week off and he told me on our last day that I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home. I had literally no idea what it was and when we got back there was a package and inside was Velvet Teddy, something I had been wanting for bloody ages and I'm pretty sure the girls in my local Mac store are sick of me asking about. It was so sweet how he knew, although he had been with me a few times when I had gone in and asked whilst buying something else, but still. He's the best! I've been wearing it loads, it's a really beautiful shade. I feel like I can't wear anything heavy on the eyes with it though as I feel like a drag queen, but its such a beautiful lip colour.

 And finally, I swear I've had these before but I LOVE THem and they're the Benefit Watts Up and the RollerLash which is life changing. I really want to try Mac's Soft and Gentle, but for now, Watts Up makes it onto my face nearly every single day, it just gives the best glow. And RollerLash actually gives me lashes, and it's just an amazing beautiful product. I has made me want to try the They're Real mascara as well, but again, for now, RollerLash just dominates my mascara collection, all others are irrelevant now.

 Have any of these products made your monthly favourites as well?

 And that's it folks! Thank you for reading, please comment and follow for more from my blog!