Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What's in my Handbag// The staples

 I love What's in my Bag posts. I love being nosey and seeing what others have got in their handbag and if I get inspired at all. I'm always usually jealous as well of the actual handbag itself people possess. I sort my bag out all the time to get rid of the junk and receipts for chocolate bars and Irn bru I seem to collect, so I thought I'd make a post of all the staples I always carry out, no matter what handbag I use, as I like to switch it up daily.

 Right now I usually am using this Celine knock off, I did a post about it here, and my leather rucksack with tassells on it which make me feel like Pocahontas, but mainly this little bag. You can't fit much in but I can fit all the essentials I like to carry around.

 Firstly I will never leave without my purse or some sort of money, either my card or coin purse, and this is my Michael Kors purse I got for Christmas I looooove. I need to sort it out inside, lately I've just been ramming all my receipts in it and it's a mess. Also I just got these new Michael Kors glasses, which I loveeeee as well. I usually never wore my old glasses because they were that old and all broken and bent and didn't look amazing on me, I could only get them because they were the cheapest! But now I chose these myself (they were on offer, didn't go too cray) and I love wearing them! 

 I will also never ever leave without some sort of body spray or perfume, and Hollister sprays are a massive favourite of mine and have probably been living in my handbags for years now. I hate how expensive they are so I will not buy new ones until I literally need them, like I cannot spray anything out of the bottle, but I do love a good fresh batch of body sprays from there. I also carry my Soap and Glory hand cream everywhere, and my EOS lip balm ball, I love this, I have one in my bag and one by my bed, and I even got my boyfriend one for Christmas because he kept using mine, I got him the blue one because it was the manliest colour available haha! And also I like to carry a lip product, either a lipstick or so on, and lately I have been sporting this Mac Cremesheen gloss in Boy Bait.

I like to be mega organised so I carry around this Paperchase planner I've had for a year now which does the job, with my favourite Swarovski pen which I've had for yeeeeeears now. I also carry this pencil case from Primark if I'm going to work and it holds some pens, pencils, highlighters and my USB stick, so nothing exciting, but it's cute and pink and sparkly.

Finally from the staples is my everyday make up bag and a hair bulldog clip. Because I commute to London everyday for work at the moment I prefer a few more minutes in bed and doing my makeup on the train as its a long journey and may as well if I get to spend more time in bed, so i usually carry this make up bag a lot. I got it with a juicy couture perfume a few years ago, it's a bit grubby so I will probably buy a new one soon, but for now I like it. I seem to have a theme of pink things in my bag..

Aaaaaand that's it really, of all the things I don't usually leave the house without in my bag. I will carry around other things like an umbrella and a water bottle and that, but that's standard really when you like in the UK and it rains too much. 

Do you have your handbag essentials you never leave the house without? 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please follow and comment if you did xo Until next time!

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