Monday, 4 August 2014

Haul! Primark and New Look!

Boots - Primark
Skort - New Look
Top - New Look
Backpack - New Look

 As I was uploading these photos I realised how cute these are as an outfit! I've always wanted Chelsea boots with a bit of a block heel, found these beauties in Primark for only £15 and they're actually pretty comfy as well which is what I love, if they hurt i'd probably never wear them again.. naughty but I do that..

 How pretty is the pattern on this skort from New Look, I loved it so much I bought the pencil skirt version of it as well, always guilty of that, if I like it it one colour or pattern, I will buy it aaaaalllllll. I am also a total backpack convert, they're so practical yet stylish, this backpack reminds me of the one out of Princess Diaries or even a tad Clueless with the check pattern, either way it's lush and I love it.

Thanks for Reading!
Have you bought anything nice from Primark or New Look recently?