Sunday, 3 August 2014

July Favourites '14

Welcome back to myself. I haven't blogged in aaaages as I recently been awfully ill with this horrible virus which made me incapable to do anything but moan and cry, it was horrible. Then when I got healthy it was catching up with work and everything I missed so HERE I AM with my first chance to sit down and blog. This is my first monthly favourites thing, I always love reading them and always run to Boots or where ever with people's favourites and my shopping list. So here it goes!

1 - Vaseline Spray & Go - I've seen these knocking around for ages but only bought it the beginning of this month and loved it. Moisturising is an absolute chore, let's be honest, but this handy spray makes it slightly more fun. Even catch the boyf using it!

2 - Viva La Juicy Fleur, Juicy Couture - I've blogged about my love for Juicy Couture perfumes before and my mad collection of them but this month all I've been wearing is this scent. It's so beautiful and is great for the summer weather we've been having.

3 - EOS balm in Blueberry - I've had a EOS for aaages now in Strawberry Sorbet and love it but I went into Urban Outfitters the other day and discovered my local one now sells these amazing things too! Was hard not to walk out with 2, at £5 a pop they're not the cheapest but my god they're good.

4 - MAC Mineralise Skinfinish - Medium - They have just redesigned the packaging so I couldn't get my hands on one of these for ages, had to switch to MAC Studio Careblend pressed powder which wasn't as good in my opinion but now I have Mineralise Skinfinish back in my life I remember how good it is and probably wont go to anyone else for my face powder!

5 - MAC lipstick in Coral Bliss - I had a few MAC lipsticks (potential blog post there wahaaay) and my all time favourite is Angel (not because it's Kim Kardashian's favourite MAC shade too...) but recently I've been reaching for Coral Bliss, which is good because I got it ages ago randomly and had never touched it, hate that. I have too many lipsticks for my own good thanks to back to MAC, but I shall try to use them all..

6 - Rimmel Stay Matte foundation - I picked this up in Savers randomly and thank god I did. I don't usually like 'drugstore' foundations, I had incredibly bad skin as a teenager so I don't want to risk aggravating it on cheap makeup so I usually stick to high end foundations, but this is just like MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation without the price tag. Definitely glad I took a chance on this!

 There it is! My July Favourites! Hope you enjoyed and has made you inspired to go spend some money, as it does to me reading these things!

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