Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I love tumblr...

I am addicted to tumblr. I just love scrolling through it on hours on end, whoever invented tumblr needs a knighthood. Here are 2 screenshots of my page at the minute. I reblog mainly girly, rosy themed photos, with the odd pug and Kylie Jenner every now and again. I wish I could print every single of these photos off and decorate my room with them, as I love them all!

There should also be a 'Buy this!' button on Tumblr as the amount of items on it I see I really would love to buy and wear for myself! tumblr does have the ability to make myself feel like shit though, as the amount of gorgeous skinny anf flawless girls on it is depresssing, but it's just a beautiful outlet of imagination and creativity, and it also inspires me so much. If you want to have a follow click on this link to go to my tumblr!

Have you got a tumblr? And if not, will you think about signing up and getting your own?
Thanks for reading!

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