Sunday, 3 November 2013

this halloween..

I know it's late but better late than never I guess! But for this Halloween I went as the freaky Jigsaw Puppet thing from Saw. I had so much fun being dressed up as him, way too much fun infact, and it has definitely been my favourite halloween costume in a long time. I watched a few Saw Puppet tutorials online but felt they were all too extreme and black eyeshadow makes me look like a drag queen.. so I just did my normal going out makeup with a tad more darker eyeshadow, then added the Saw details such as the puppet mouth lines, slight red lipstick and the red swirls on the cheeks.

Overall I thought my attempt was a successful and loved my little bow tie ;) I also wore these stocking socks which were black with red bows at the back so I thought that was a nice little touch. Everyone was coming up to me like OMG THE PUPPET FROM SAW! so that was funny. I went out the night before Halloween instead of actual halloween, as I had a fundraisor and actual halloween is also a night full of stress, queues and drunken idiots... not very fun.

I don't have any full length images of me (I know how annoying), however I do have these shameless Instagram selfies! Forgive me!

Hope you enjoyed this post! And hopefully some more posts coming soon, once I get this work load under control! Safe!

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