Tuesday, 1 October 2013

my new little boots,

I had a £40 Topshop gift voucher given to me from my work experience and had been searching for something to buy with it for months. Finally I found these beauties of boots,

They're incredibly comfortable and look so cute for Autumn. They also keep your feet so warm so they'll also be perfect for winter (that's if I don't ruin them from wearing them every single day!). I wore them to the zoo and felt like Lara Croft running round in boots, thankfully I didn't get them dirty! I am now growing an obsession for Topshop boots, as I bought another pair straight after these ones, and am eyeing up my next pair. My other boots, which are black with buckles down them, aren't as comfy though, so I'm scared to wear them! I need to break them in and make them less blister causing ankle ripping..

Do you like Topshop's boots, and have you bought any lately?

Until next blogpost!

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