Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Perfume collection

 I made a promise to myself I'd try to at least blog every other day, sat here watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when the boyf reminds me I haven't blogged. So i grab the camera and snap this, my perfume tray (excuse the Vaseline spray, just bought this but it's amazing!) Now, can you tell what my favourite perfume brand is? If you can't, you need to get to your local Boots now and educate yourself! Yes, Juicy Couture. I am obsessed with their perfumes! They're gorgeous! I have owned every single one (Couture Couture is not pictured as it's at home with my parents) they've released.. UNTIL the two new Malibu and La La Malibu perfumes came out.. currently waiting for either my birthday, Christmas or I have enough points on my Boots card to get them.

 I got this tray from the Range and it's so cute, had it for like 2 or 3 years now, I love their homeware collection!

 Another perfume favourite of mine haaas to be the Paris Hilton perfumes, another one I've owned nearly everyone of (all apart from Tease and Dazzle), but only have Heiress (my all time fav) and Siren here with me in my uni town, well I say uni, I've literally just graduated, but you get the point.

 I have 5 Hollister sprays but they're all nearly empty. Even though they last for ages, I feel so guilty spending that much on body sprays whenever I go in there. I need to wait till their all completely gone before I splurge on them! They are amazing though, at cheer practise I used to spray them all the time and someone would go 'who just sprayed?' i'd be like 'MEEEEEE it's hollister' and love life. They're so good!

 All the cult classics take place on the tray as well, such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, again, owned a few of each of these brands! I also love the CK Shock perfume, so I have a little handbag one and a big one.

 This is actually me cut back on my perfumes on the tray recently after moving house. My boyf complains theres still too much and I only need 2 or 3, but what do men know!? I only have the 2 new Juicy C perfumes on my wish list so I can't see this collection drastically changing for a loooong time!

 Hope you enjoyed this post, fairly random but i'll try and plan a more exciting post! Need to be more organised if I'm going to get serious about my blog!


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