Wednesday, 16 July 2014

oh New Look..

I love New Look. Whenever I go in I make a mental shopping list as long as the runway in Fast Six (if you haven't seen that film, go watch it).

 I bought this amazing leather look PU skort, which was the only thing I planned on buying... whoops.. FinallllyYYYY invested in a scrunchie, there was so many to choose from but I did the sensible thing and went with the more versatile one, this may not be the only one though.. feel an obsession growing. How cute is this floral top, the back of it is beautiful and open, which wont be good with an ugly bra, so underwear choice will have to be planned and not my usual half asleep picking.. How cute is this pastel check scarf?! It feels so soft as well, thought it was a good colour to transition from the rest of Summer (if we can call this a summer) into autumn and maybe even winter. AaaAAaand lastly this simple top with a kimono sleeve shape.

 I had these Chelsea boots on my feet and they looked beautiful but I managed to walk out without them.. It was hard. Couldn't stop thinking about them so I may have to go back in tomorrow.... The only thing was, when I tried them on, they weren't that comfy, which isn't the best of signs isn't it... I'm really fussy when it comes to footwear. It's so bad, if a shoe hurts me the slightest, i'm put off wearing it forever.. I shouldn't as i'll end up buying a thousand pairs of shoes and only wearing them once but i'm too finicky with footwear! I'm a massive fan of comfort over anything.. Pain is beauty?! Well not for me! Trainers and comfy shoes all the way! Anyone else?

 Anyway i'm off.. Got an early start tomorrow. That's another reason why I haven't been much, been doing traumatic night shifts at work (9pm till 7am, what even is that) so been extremely tired and that. But i'll get back on it!! Thanks for reading!

Oh, in previous posts i've told about the struggle of blogging because of my pain in the ass boyfriend, well here is a photo of the struggle.... enjoy!

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