Tuesday, 17 September 2013

when you wish upon a star...

today I woke up and really felt like blogging, which is amazing considering i really want to get back into it after my everyday blogging for a month my work experience. mainly i think it's because i had a dream last night that i met one of my favourite bloggers Zoella and her friend and another blogger Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and they gave me blog ideas in my dream, and luckily I remember 3 of them... shame but, ya know, can't control everything.

anyway, let the blogpost, begin..

SOURCE: tumblr
For my 21st birthday (which is 65 days away, buzz) I asked for one thing off of my parents, and that was to carry out my childhood dream of going to Disneyland. for years now, I've had to listen to people tell me how many times they've been or what is was like when they went, and you know what, it's my turn! i am obsessed with Disney, it's probably not healthy how much i am for a 20 year old, but i don't give a toss, Disney is my life. It's a struggle saying my all time Disney film because i love so many of them!

So one day, well it was a crappy day, I receive an email from my dad which i struggled to open. You know what parents are like with technology... I text my mum trying to explain how to make PDF files but then luckily I opened it, to find this...

 Sorry about the shoddy print screening but the main fact of the email is I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS FIRST CLASSSSS!!

I burst into tears after reading this, again, probably not normal the amount I was crying, but who gives a toss. I rang my mum and couldn't even speak clearly the amount I was crying, so much so it nearly made her cry.

 I'm so grateful for this because this is something I've wanted to do ever since I was a child. If you've been to Disneyland either once or multiple times, count yourself ever so lucky, because there's probably more kids out there who dream of going but haven't been so lucky to have a chance. But now i finally get my chance!

 I spent my childhood not only watching the films but this Sing-A-Long video of the Disneyland in America, and they have all the characters singing and dancing around the park, I bloody loved that video. I managed to find it on you tube (whoever put it up on there you're an absolute fricking legend) and told my mum I'm going to sing all the songs as we walk round the park. I'm also walking round with a massive '21' balloon, '21 today' sash, '21' badge and a tiara.. you know, just so people know it's my birthday and I want to be a princess for that weekend. OH OH OH I also want some of them Minnie Mouse ears, I can wear them on the second day (Got it all planned.)

I actually cannot flipping wait for my 21st, I will probably spend the entire weekend crying in happiness. I also cannot wait for the gift shops MWAHAHA they are the best and worst creation ever, great for all the stuff they sell, worst because of the prices and how much you cannot resist buying them no matter how hard you try. The phrase 'it's a souviner' and 'it's a memory' will forever work when justifying gift shop purchases.

Anyway, this is enough of this post, I shall get down to planning my future posts and pray this urge to blog never fades!

Till next time, toodles!

Laura XO