Tuesday, 27 August 2013


ever since i've finished my work placement i've completely neglected this blog, but i've had a lot going on and felt like i havent had the time or motivation to continue blogging... however, i have now set myself a personal target to continuously blog when i return back to university end of september.

to make sure i complete this, i've given myself a target of 1 blog post a week, which is more realistic to achieve, rather than every other day to begin with.. then when i get more into it, progress onto 2 a week and so on. i am very inspired and willing to keep a blog running, but it's just finding the time and effort as when university starts i'll have uni work, work at the club, and keeping up cheerleading and a social life, so hopefully i wont fail this personal target!

i'll also be forcing my friends to make sure i do my blog well, as they are the ones who i force to read my blog.

anyone, i shall collate ideas for my upcoming blog revamp, so until then!

Laura XO

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