Monday, 23 September 2013

girl crush: kylie jenner

I am obsessed with Kylie Jenner. Not only is she stunning but her style is fabulous. I spent my tax rebate on ASOS and Missguided on items that I thought Kylie Jenner would wear and pray they would suit me as well. I want to look like her so bad, she's amazing.

I wish I could swap lives with her. I mean who wouldn't wanna be her?! She wears over $20,000 of Cartier on her wrist everyday as casual wear.. comon I need this one day!

 Alot of people have been criticising her lately saying how much she's changed due to her new friendship groups and she's become a bitch, but so what. she's a hot bitch! Kendall is the sweet one and you need a mix up, we can't all be sweet! It's a shame sometimes to think she's really like that but i'm sure she has some family values and kindness to her deep down, maybe it's all a show and front to her new 'thug' persona.

 Even for my latest interview, they asked me my style and what I think before I buy something, and I admittedly told her that i'm obsessed with Kylie Jenner and I think 'Would Kylie J wear this?' before buying something. I also love all the Kardashian's style.. well not Kris or Kourtney post-Penelope, she's gone a bit too hippy-boho for me sometimes, and one day I WILL be in that family. Bruce and Kris will let me live with them and I will be a Kardashian-Jenner.

Until next blogpost!