Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lush Lately..

Alike every young adult in the country right now, I am loving lush. I have always done but lately it's all I have been wanting to spend my money on. My recent purchase has been the one that seems everyone has been buying according to my Instagram feed, but why the hell not, it looks amazing and who doesn't want a unicorn melting fabulously in their bath. The product I have actually used recently has been the Granny Takes a Dip. I always see mixed things about this one and this was my first time using it but I actually really enjoyed it. The colours were great, especially when it had finished fizzling, it left this beautiful hot pink shade which I enjoyed bathing in. The scent and feeling of my skin when I finished my bath was fab as well, so overall I really enjoyed this product, which was actually not one I picked myself but one my amazing boyfriend surprised me with last week when I got home from work which was the best thing ever.

 My next bath will be filled with magic and sparkles and I cannot wait to use the Unicorn horn. I am also looking into buying the new Prince Charming shower gel, as anything with marshmallow on the label has me reaching for my purse, cannot resist.

 What have you been loving in Lush lately? And have you bought the new Unicorn Horn yet? Be honest...... Well you're definitely planning to if not ;)

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