Monday, 19 January 2015

Faking it...

 I do not like fakes and designer knock offs. Defeats the purpose or appeal of saving up and splurging and treating yourself, plus when you do have a real designer, you don't want people eyeing it thinking 'I bet that's fake!'. I've always hated designer knock offs. I remember one time I went to Spain with a friend, was just the two of us, we went to this remote part of the island of Majorca which was actually beautiful and the shopping was actually decent. We found this bag shop which was selling designer knock offs, she purchased a Marc Jacobs purse and I went for a Louis Vuitton purse. I felt guilty every time I got this out and used it. I knew it was fake, the lady at the till knew it was fake. Couldn't deal with it. When it broke I was thrilled to throw it in the bin and bid farewell to the purse of lies, and never bought a fake with my own money again. Until now.

I think about designer handbags everyday basically. When me and my boyfriend walk through the John Lewis in town to cut to Asda faster, he has to hold my hand and drag me through the bag section as when Michael Kors hits my eyes I'm hypnotised (how fly is that wording). For Christmas I asked my parents for a Michael Kors bag, they went and Googled how much it was then laughed and told me to pick something else, so I went for a Michael Kors purse, close enough. I love it so much, I just need a beautiful bag to put it in now!

 One of my designer handbag goals, is a Celine mini luggage bag They're beautiful. They're nearly in all my Polyvore sets because this bag goes with bloody everything. I love seeing Kylie Jenner rocking hers and I love it when my tumblr feed is full of pictures of this bag. I want one! But the odds of me affording this any time soon, or ever, is incredibly slim. In my spare time, I am a Googler, I love to Google, and I stumbled across a page selling these Celine style of bags for cheap and reading the reviews it sounded pretty worthwhile. Everyone was saying how surprised they were with how good and sturdy this bag was, so that was it, I did it.

I instagrammed a photo of this bag last night (picture at the top of the post) and it's probably the photo I've ever got the most likes on believe it or not. I even ummed and ahhed over even posting it because I was openly admitting I had bought a designer knock off! But I don't feel like it's a bag of lies unlike my Louis Vuitton purse all that time ago. I bought it purely because I love the shape and style of this bag, and why should I miss out on it just because I don't have £1500+ to spend on a handbag. One day I will be able to chuck this one and replace it with the real, but until then, this will have to do. And hopefully this is the last fake I buy, not that I'm snobby, it's just a nice feeling when you finally save enough for the real thing and get to flaunt it round!

 Have you got any designer knock offs you've ever regretted buying or are proud to call your own?

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