Monday, 19 January 2015

Nice Clean Brushes..

I'm usually extremely lazy with makeup brushes because I have loads but I don't.. Like I have brushes which I love and use every single day, but I need to use them everyday, so I need to pick days to wash them when I know I won't need them the next day, If you get me. Maybe I need to invest in duplicating my everyday brushes so I can have them on a roster so they get cleaned more regularly.. HMM! We shall see.

 My brushes are all mainly Sigma, as they're reasonably priced and I find them easy to clean and use. I haven't bought any lately in about, years as I come to think about it, as these were all bought when I first discovered beauty blogging and YouTube so spent all my teenager weekend job wages on them, so they last well as well! Bonus! My most recent brush purchases have been Real Techniques and I am dying to buy their new Bold Metals collection but I need to wait till payday, and after paying off bills, rent and a trip to Amsterdam me and my boyfriend have been planning, I doubt it'll be likely I'll be able to get them.. all.. maybe one or two..

Honestly, how good are you with the cleaning of your brushes?

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