Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wish List

I have like, zero pence to my name at the minute. I have no time to work overtime due to FMP and major cheerleading competitions and everyone is so expensive. To make myself feel slightly better about not buying everything I want, instead i'll blog about them.

1. ASOS Lattice Strap Waist Cut Out Swimsuit, £32

 In a few weeks i'm travelling to Spain for a week on tour. Tour is basically a massive sports team piss up week, i'll blog about it later. I hate these costumes for tanning purposes, but for tour you don't really tan as it's not hot enough, you just drink and try to look pretty (whilst incredibly bloated from all the alcohol) so this beauty would be perfect.. if I had a spare £32 to spend on a costume just to stand round and try and look pretty in...

2. New Look Light Blue Acid Wash Short Dungarees, £24.99

New Look
How adorable are these dungarees. I love the light blue acid wash look as well. I'd love to wear a novelty tshirt underneath it as well, really rock the 90s kid look.

3. Topshop NINA Jelly Sandals in Black, £24

I had a pair of jelly shoes when I was a child but they were flat as mother wouldn't let me have the heeled version, even though I don't agree with children wearing heels so right on mother! But now i'm a big girl aka 21 years old I think it's time I was able to wear proudly a paid of HEELED jelly sandals.

4. Tobi Native Breeze Cardigan, £28 (was £41)
I love this aztec/navajo style cardigan and I love how it's styled as well, very LA beach cool, kind of reminds me of Miley before she cut of all her hair, bleached it blonde and went nutty. You remember the Miley i'm on about? Long brown wavy hair? Always out in denim shorts and carrying cute puppies or bottles of water everywhere? Aaah I miss that Miley..

Well this is all I can handle before getting upset at my lack of funds. Hope you all agree in my choices!

Till next time!