Monday, 12 May 2014

University is over!

 That's it! 3 years of my life are now over. University has been, well, an experience. All through A Levels my Graphics tutor would repeatedly say 'You don't need my help, you wont be getting any at university!' and things like 'I've given you way too many notes, you'll have to do your own at university!' and my favourite, 'If you do this in university you'd fail straight away!'. Yes, she tried, but I don't think nothing can prepare you for a fashion course at uni.

 I knew that first year is just meant for partying, and I've always been last minute Laura. I joined the university cheerleading squad and don't know what I would've done if I hadn't of. I made so many amazing friends, was constantly out drinking with them and managed to keep extremely fit in between drinking and nap sessions. Cheerleading definitely made my university experience and I don't think I would've survived 3 years without it and the girls I met!

 During the summer I did work experience at New Look head office which was amazing. I did it for 2 weeks then was offered a job there for Summer, so obviously I took it. I feel like I learnt more at work experience than at university, so it was definitely beneficial.

 Second year was fun as well, when I found out none of the grades counted for our final year, that's it! It was like 1st year again. At one point I went out every single night for about 2 months. I also got a job at a nightclub which I enjoyed way too much. I met so many fun people working in a nightclub and learnt to survive on about 2 hours sleep, very useful skill. I recommend a job at a nightclub or bar so much if you're in a university with a big busy nightlife, you'll definitely be sorted for life (Free entry etc.) it saved me so much money and still does!

 Third year however has been a struggle! My motivation was down after the first two hand-ins as they were pretty huge. My final major project has also been one of the biggest struggles of my life! I cannot do long projects, I keep changing my mind and interests, I like lots of short projects like in 1st and 2nd year. Handing in my FMP was one of the biggest reliefs ever! So glad it's over, but absolutely dreading the grade! Not even funny how much I'm dreading it!

 As soon as it was near the end of uni I started looking for jobs. By chance the job I really wanted for a brand I really wanted to work for became available so I applied for it straight away. I was over the moon I got an interview and literally cried with happiness when I was offered it. Not only that, head office got in touch and said they wanted me as well! Not only am I working in store doing what I love, but I also get to work for head office too some days a week! This literally is my dream job right now and can't believe how lucky I am to have got it!


 So now I begin the next chapter of my life. I've made some amazing friends I hope to keep with me for a very long time and hope (PRAY) I end up with a decent final degree. I intend to keep up blogging (will force myself) and cannot wait for my new amazing job. I WILL take over the fashion world, one mannequin and window display at a time..

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